Urgent Attention Needed to Fix Paisley’s Roads

George next to one of Paisley's potholesA recent Audit Scotland report has highlighted the urgent attention needed by Renfrewshire Council to fix local roads. The report, Maintaining Scotland’s Roads, paints the stark reality that at present, many council’s, including Renfrewshire Council, are not doing enough to deliver acceptable and safe roads for drivers.

Speaking on the current roads situation in Paisley, George Adam, MSP for Paisley said, ‘One of the biggest complaints I have received from my constituents over the past year centres on the state of Paisley’s roads. In the Labour party’s manifesto before the council elections last year, they committed to having a 24 hour response team to deal with pothole repairs. Where is it?

‘A record level of cash was spent improving our roads by the previous administration. I believe we now need to see such a commitment from the current Labour administration to improve the roads in Paisley which have deteriorated under their watch.

‘An Audit Scotland report looking at Renfrewshire Council’s roads maintenance performance in 2009-10, notes that ‘there had been significant improvement in the Council’s delivery and through revised management arrangements, greater supervision of front line service delivery and revised maintenance practice and culture. Consequently practice and quality had been improved and the budget has achieved significantly more than in previous years.’

‘Its time for the Labour administration to invest in our roads. No more excuses that the Scottish Government isn’t giving them enough money; this is the same Scottish Government which has recently worked with its partners to spend £9 million upgrading Paisley Gilmour Street and £12 million electrifying the Canal Street line. They now need to use the rest of the money the Scottish Government has given them to sort this.”

Audit Scotland report on Renfrewshire Council’s accounts 2011/12

Audit Scotland report ‘Maintaining Scotland’s Roads’