UN to Investigate Bedroom Tax in Scotland

George outside Paisley Abbey

It has been revealed that the United Nations (UN) have launched a probe in to the Bedroom Tax due to concerns about human rights.  The tax which targets those on housing benefit affects over 80,000 households in Scotland, a huge proportion of which are homes with a person who has disabilities.


Speaking on the news, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


‘I do not receive housing benefit but my wife Stacey is a wheelchair user.


‘I know the space her equipment takes up and this Bedroom Tax is a bare faced attack on the disabled.


‘The Tories want disabled people to move in to homes that cannot possibly store the equipment needed for them to have a relatively normal life.


‘They expect disabled people to live in homes that are 24hr obstacle courses for people with mobility problems.


‘No wonder the UN are investigating. 


‘This week Ed Milliband stated once again that Labour will not abolish the Bedroom Tax.


‘To my total disgust Labour MSP Iain Grey stated in Parliament this week that the reason there was a Scottish Parliament was to combat such policies at Westminster.


‘No Iain, the reason for the Scottish Parliament is to represent the people of Scotland and the nation’s best interests.  That is what we should be doing, not battling an uncaring Westminster that has no interest in Scotland or those in need.


‘If Better Together means turning the Parliament in to an organisation to protect Scotland against Westminster then Labour needs to have a hard look at itself.


‘Independence is the only way we can deliver for the people of Scotland without the need to protect ourselves from another parliament that in no way shows that we are better together.’



More information can be found here in the Guardian.