Take Your Eyesores Down to Help Our High Street

George on Paisley High StreetIn the wake of the recent boost to Paisley’s High Street with Discount UK taking over the old Littlewood’s premises, Paisley’s MSP George Adam is pressing for the unsightly estate agent advertising boards to be removed by absentee landlords. In the wake of the substantial recent development, along with the creation of jobs in the town, George has demanded that current legislation be implemented by the council to make the High Street look its best for further investment.
Speaking on the move, George said;

‘This is not a new idea. The last administration removed these “To Let” signs to give potential investors the best impression of the town. This stopped the large signs jutting out, distracting the eye when looking down the high Street. After all, when someone sells their house they make it look its best to get an offer, the best offer.

‘Those in Cotton Street must have some vision, some ideas, it’s time to get the High Street back on track, continuing the investment that we all want for the town.

‘There are regulations* that can be used right now, and I have asked the council to use the powers at their disposal.

‘We have the Spree Festival, the Christmas lights switch on with our Guy Fawkes fireworks display. We do not do the town any favours with visitors coming to see these events getting the wrong impression.

‘We all must do what we can to get Paisley on track for the type of town we all want to see. That means using every power at our disposal, talking the town up when it is deserved and addressing the issues that need to be resolved.

‘Let’s all work together to make sure Paisley is our type of town.’