World MS Day 2015

Today is World MS Day.  George, whose wife Stacey has MS, is the Convenor of the Cross Party Group on MS in the Scottish Parliament and below is the motion he recently submitted in recognition of this years World MS Day.

George, Stacey and Stacey's father Tom during this years MS Week

George, Stacey and Stacey’s father Tom during this years MS Week

World MS Day 2015

That the Parliament acknowledges World MS Day as research by the MS Society reveals that many people are misdiagnosed and live in uncertainty for years before MS diagnosis; notes that the survey of over 1,500 people with MS across the UK found that 81% had been misdiagnosed by their GP, more than a quarter were told that they had a trapped nerve, one in 10 were misdiagnosed with depression or anxiety or stress and a further 11% were told they had had a stroke; notes that the MS Society is highlighting the importance of GPs recognising the warning signs and referring people promptly to a consultant neurologist who can then make an accurate diagnosis; further notes that the society is calling for the role of specialist nurses to be recognised, and while it considers that the commitment from the First Minister for an additional £2.5 million investment in specialist nursing and care is welcomed, it would be helpful for further guidance to be published on how this will help those diagnosed with MS.