Call For Bus Users In Paisley To Give Their Views On Bus Services And Smart Ticketing

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has encouraged bus users across Paisley to get involved in two new public consultations that will help shape the future of bus services and smart ticketing in Scotland.

George in Paisley Town Centre

Transport Scotland will conduct a number of events and stakeholder workshops to encourage participation in these consultations before they close on 5th December.

Commenting, George said:

“Although the number of bus users is falling, millions still use buses across Scotland every day, including in Paisley.

“Transport Scotland’s two new consultations offer the public and stakeholders in Paisley an important opportunity to have their say on how best to improve Scotland’s bus services.

“In order to develop an effective, joint up, Scotland-wide smart ticketing and payment service, it is important that as many transport operators, public bodies and users as possible are consulted.”


George in Paisley Town CentreScottish Labour must apologise for peddling inaccurate smears about the performance of Scotland’s railways, SNP MSP George Adam has said.

Labour’s transport spokesman Neil Bibby yesterday claimed that “nearly 60 per cent of stations failed to hit the performance target last month” – despite most recent figures showing that 93.7% of ScotRail’s trains met the industry standard public performance measure (PPM).

Kezia Dugdale has repeated the false claims today – writing that “Yesterday, we revealed that ScotRail trains are failing to meet punctuality targets at nearly 60 per cent of stations.”

In fact, this morning 97% of Scottish trains were running on time – 3% higher than the UK average.

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam said:

“Labour have a long and shameful history of making statistics up to try and score cheap headlines – but this blatant attempt to smear an improving rail service shows that they still cannot be trusted.

“We know our rail network is not always perfect – and we’re the first to accept fair criticism when it’s due – but when the service is improving, Scotrail staff deserve credit and support.

“It is unacceptable that Labour made these false claims in the first place – but it is completely inexcusable that party leader Kezia Dugdale repeated them after they had been proven to be incorrect.

“The Scotrail staff who have worked so hard to improve this service deserve an apology from Kezia Dugdale and from Scottish Labour – and perhaps also an acknowledgement that services have improved significantly in recent months.”

New Survey Launched To Help Shape Scotland’s National Transport Policy

Paisley’s MSP George Adam, is encouraging individuals, organisations and communities in Paisley to give their views in the new Transport Scotland survey that will help shape the long-term vision for the Scottish Government’s transport policies.

The National Transport Strategy (NTS) review will contribute towards formulating a plan for the kind of transport we want for the whole of Scotland in 20 years’ time and how we plan to get there.George Town Hall

The early engagement survey is available online until spring 2017. It will be followed by a wider programme of national engagement beginning in summer 2017 ahead of a full public consultation.

Commenting, George said:

“The SNP is committed to giving stakeholders and communities across Scotland a greater say in influencing the development of transport policy at the local, regional and national level. I would encourage as many of my constituents as possible in Paisley to take this chance to have your views heard and contribute to the National Transport Strategy survey available online until spring next year.

“This NTS review is intended to be a collaborative listening exercise garnering views from members of the public and interested organisations from across Scotland to help shape the future of transport in Scotland.

“The SNP government will be working closely throughout the review with Regional Transport Partnerships, local authorities and other key stakeholders through the NTS Review Partnership Group.”

To take part in the survey visit the National Transport Strategy Web Page

Passengers Numbers At Record High At Glasgow And Edinburgh Airports

SNP Will Continue To Take Action To Support Airports And Grow The Scottish EconomyGlasgow Airport (2)


The SNP has highlighted new figures that have shown both Glasgow Airport and Edinburgh Airport achieving record passenger numbers for June, proving the success of the Scottish Government in promoting Scotland as a destination for tourism and business.


Glasgow Airport handled nearly 950,000 passengers during the month, whilst Edinburgh recorded the busiest ever June for a Scottish airport with nearly 1.2 million passengers. The number of people coming to Scotland shows how well regarded Scotland is as a destination for business and tourism.


MSP for Paisley, George Adam, commented: “These figures are very welcome news for the Scottish economy as we enter the summer months. It shows that people from across the world see Scotland as a fantastic destination to visit and enjoy both as tourists and in which to do business.


“Businesses come here because of our highly skilled workforce and strong economic community – whilst tourists are always keen to take advantage of our beautiful landscapes, lively cities and the warm welcome they receive.


“The SNP government has been an excellent driving force behind showing Scotland as an excellent destination, and with plans to reduce Air Passenger Duty to make it easier for business and tourists to come to Scotland, passenger numbers will continue to soar.”

George at Glasgow Airport Amanda McMillan Alyn Smith MEP

Record Passengers Numbers at Glasgow Airport

George has today lodged a parliamentary motion congratulating Glasgow Airport on a very successful 2015 when it seen 8.7 million passengers travelling through its doors.  Speaking on the news from one of Paisley’s biggest employers, George said:

“It is terrific that we have one of the country’s most important and successful businesses right on our door step.  Every month last year, the airport show growth on the year previous.  Amanda McMillan and her team continue to provide great service and an excellent experience when travelling through their doors in Paisley.

‘To see 99.21% of passengers making their way through security in under 10 minutes is testament to the level of care and attention the airport staff pay to making everyone’s journey as smooth as possible.   It is also great to see the amount of extra destinations people can travel to and from, with including Milan, Salzburg, Bucharest and later this year Orlando.

‘Hopefully, we can attract as many people as possible travelling from these destinations to sample what Paisley has to offer.   That is the benefit of having an international airport in Paisley.  So, once again, I congratulate Amanda and her staff on a truly magnificent year for the airport and wish them all well during the airports 50th year.George at Glasgow Airport Amanda McMillan Alyn Smith MEP

Parliamentary motion lodged by George. 

Motion Number: S4M-15285
Lodged By: George Adam
Date Lodged: 11/01/2016

Title: Record Passengers Numbers at Glasgow Airport

Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates Glasgow Airport on its largest ever annual increase in passenger numbers in 2015, with more than 8.7 million passengers travelling through the airport, representing an annual increase of 13%, equating to over one million additional passengers; notes that the airport’s success was recognised in 2015 when it was named UK Airport of the Year, Scottish Airport of the Year and the Best Airport in the UK with three to 10 million passengers; commends the airport’s staff, who managed to deal with 99.21% of passengers travelling through security in under 10 minutes; welcomes the news that, commencing in March 2016, Air France will start a daily service to Paris Charles de Gaulle while Virgin Atlantic has announced a new service to Orlando starting in winter 2016, and  wishes the airport and its staff every success in the future, particularly in 2016, which marks 50 years since the airport opened.

George Welcome’s Development of Old St Mirren Ground

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed the sale of the former St Mirren ground to London and Scottish Investments (LSI) from Tesco. The Love Street site has lay empty since the final game was played at the ground in 2009. While LSI has not given concrete information regarding their plans for the site, Bryan Wilson, Group Development Director said in a letter to George that, “Our plans for the development of the site are still being developed with our architects and planning consultants and we hope to be able to share our ideas with you in the next couple of months. We also intend to consult with the local community”.George in Paisley Town Centre

Speaking on the sale, George said, “I am pleased to hear that Tesco have finally sold this land and there is positive movement with trying to develop the site. While we do not yet know what will be built on the site, I remain confident that this site can be brought back into use and once again have a meaningful purpose.

‘Since I was elected in 2011, I have written on numerous occasions to the management at Tesco putting the case forward that they needed to re-double their efforts in either developing the site themselves or finding a suitable buyer. We are finally at that juncture and I hope to work with LSI and the local community in ensuring this site is developed sooner rather than later.

‘This site is in a prime location, next to Scotland’s busiest airport, with great links to the M8 and our historic town centre is just a few minute walk away. Getting this site developed is just the next piece in the puzzle in bringing more jobs and prosperity to our town and I look forward to seeing plans in the coming months”.

Poll Shows Importance of Bus Passes to Paisley’s Elderly

George and Transport Minister, Keith Brown MSPAges Scotland’s sister charity, Age UK, has revealed the benefit concessionary bus passes are having on older people’s lives in England. 93% of elderly people who own a concessionary bus pass in England say their life would be adversely affect without it.

Speaking on the poll, Paisley’s MSP George Adam commented, “This poll validates the SNP’s commitment to concessionary travel and ensuring that older people are able to remain independent and lead fulfilling lives.

‘During my time as a councillor and now as Paisley’s MSP, I have met with seniors forums, disability groups and constituents and the message is clear, they need their passes and they want to keep them. My message back is simple, under a SNP government; you have nothing to worry about.

‘93% of people with the bus pass in England say they would be worse off without it. Those surveyed have made it clear that this scheme is a priority for them and something that they don’t want to lose. I truly hope Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont takes stock of these figures before she announces that concessionary bus passes are one of the things to be cuts in Labours cut commission.

‘We all have friends and family who benefit from the concessionary travel scheme and long may this continue.”

More Investment for Paisley Gilmour Street

 George getting on board.

Gilmour Street train station is set to receive more investment from the SNP Government this year with the installation of Wi-Fi for passengers.  This comes on top of the £9 million renovation at the station and the £12 million upgrade of the Canal Street line showing the Government commitment to infrastructure improvement for Paisley.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam stated:

‘Once again we are receiving investment in Paisley from the Scottish Government.  This will not only improve infrastructure for Buddies but will help commuters and businesses throughout the west of Scotland.  It is fitting that as one of Scotland’s major railway stations Gilmour Street was announced as one of the first to receive Wi-Fi services.

‘This is the sort of support that helps businesses, makes journeys more pleasant and in a lot of cases more productive.  Another example of moving our nation forward with innovation and technology.’

In the latest phase of the move towards providing Wi-Fi services on Scotland’s trains and stations, Gilmour Street has been named as one of 25 stations in Scotland that will see the service installed by December this year.

The SNP Government has promised to ensure that Wi-Fi facilities are available on trains and stations across Scotland’s rail network by 2019 and work is already under way to install these services with 59 ScotRail trains expected to be equipped with Wi-Fi by the end of 2013.

Paisley Bus Station? On the 850 Year Old Graveyard or the Statue of Queen Victoria?

George with Gary Kerr, Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP and Cllr Brian LawsonProposals for a bus station for Scotland’s largest town have been ridiculed as complete fantasy. Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), the agency responsible for the transport framework for the west of Scotland have produced a report to improve bus facilities in Paisley. Nine sites were looked at including the historic graveyard of Paisley Abbey celebrating its 850th Anniversary this year and Dunn Square a small area of gardens on a steep hill hosting a statue of Queen Victoria.


Speaking on the report, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


‘Some of the proposed sites are ludicrous, they don’t deserve any scrutiny or money to be wasted on them.


‘The idea that one of the most historic and scenic sites in the centre of the town – Paisley Abbey – is to be used as a bus station is nothing short of a joke.


‘Then there is the proposal to rip up the gardens on Dunn Square, sited on a steep hill, demolishing a statue of Queen Victoria to hold the buses.


‘Mean while there is the huge unused site behind the Arnotts store in Paisley, flat, next to shops and right next to Gilmour street station to create an integrated transport system for Paisley. This obviously seems to simple for SPT.


‘This report basically states that Paisley will not be getting a bus station. Just a revamp of bus stops.


‘Renfrewshire pays £3 million every year to SPT to ensure a robust transport network.


‘Paisley gets a one off £1.8 million revamp of bus stops. This is not value for money in anyone’s eyes. Where is the vision? Where is the determination to ensure the economic development of the town? New bus stops don’t cut it.’



Glasgow Airport puts health & safety in the frame

MB7H1875Glasgow Airport puts health & safety in the frame


Glasgow Airport is putting health & safety firmly in the frame with the launch of a new initiative which will highlight the importance of maintaining a safe working environment.


As part of its Safety First campaign, Glasgow Airport’s assurance team has produced a DVD which will demonstrate the very real risks of ignoring potential hazards. The DVD will be rolled out to the 4,500 people who currently work on the airport campus and will encourage staff to challenge or report anything they believe to be unsafe.


The Safety First campaign is the latest in a long line of initiatives undertaken by the airport which has received a host of awards for its excellent health & safety performance. In 2012, it received a Healthy Working Lives Gold Award, an International Safety Award, and a Gold award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).


Gillies Crichton, head of assurance at Glasgow Airport, said: “The health and safety of our customers and staff has always been our number one priority and whilst we are extremely proud of our track record in safety, it is important we do not rest on our laurels. We have a well framed and well managed health and safety policy which has improved performance levels across the business and our Safety First campaign will help us to build on this.


“We want everyone who visits or works at the airport to be safe. Not only will our DVD promote good working practices, it will hopefully embed a safety culture whereby every member of staff has the confidence to take preventative action and reduce the risk of accidents.”


George Adam MSP for Paisley added: “Glasgow Airport continues to be a beacon for best practice.  I think most people in Renfrewshire are aware of the way those employed by the airport go about their business, in the most professional way.  This new safety campaign continues the good work that has won the airport so many safety awards over the years.”