School Spending Boost For Renfrewshire

                                                                                                               Council Benefits From £4.7 Billion National Investment


Renfrewshire council benefitted from a nationwide increase of 2.7% in education spending last year – thanks to Scottish Government efforts to close the attainment gap and provide local authorities with a fair funding deal.


Net spending on education by local authorities across Scotland rose to £4.7 billion last year – the biggest spending area of the total £10.1 billion service expenditure in 2015-16, proving once again the SNP’s commitment to improving Scotland’s education system.


Last week’s budget saw local authorities benefit from £160 million of additional funding to help with service provision at a local level, as well as seeing £4,248,000  given to schools in Renfrewshire earlier this month as part of the national attainment fund.

Lochfield Primary Visiting George Adam MSP at The Scottish Parliament

Lochfield Primary School, Visiting George Adam, MSP For Paisley, at The Scottish Parliament.


Commenting, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


“These latest local authority stats prove once again that the SNP Government is providing a strong funding deal for Renfrewshire – and is doing all it can to help close the attainment gap and improve the education system in Renfrewshire.


“Last week’s budget saw additional funding for Renfrewshire council to help with service provision at a local level – building on the excellent funding package for local services revealed in these figures.


“The Scottish Government has consistently said that education is its number one priority, and it is heartening to see that action is being taken to support Renfrewshire schools – through a 2.7% increase in funding last year and with the effective action taken in the budget this year.


“The £4,248,000 provided to schools across Renfrewshire through the Scottish Attainment Fund further proves the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving our education system – and action will continue to be taken by the SNP to make sure that every child, no matter their background, gets an equal chance in life.”


School Leavers Going on to Positive Destinations at a Record High

George Adam MSP

George Adam MSP

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed positive new figures for Scotland’s education sector which show record numbers of school leavers going on to positive destinations – and the number of schools meeting the PE provision target increasing dramatically in the last year.

Figures have been published today showing that 90 per cent of school leavers went on to a positive destination in March 2014 – the highest level on record.

The figures have also been published showing that 96 per cent of schools in Scotland were meeting the target for PE provision in February 2014 – an 11 per cent increase over the last year.

Commenting, George said:

“These figures are a welcome endorsement of the strength of Scotland’s world-class education system – and an example of the Scottish Government’s commitment to education paying dividends.

“That the numbers of school leavers going on to positive destinations has increased to a record high is very encouraging – and follows on from ONS figures showing that Scotland is the most highly educated country in Europe with the numbers of people going on to higher and tertiary education ‘just about the highest in the world’.

“In Paisley, all primary and secondary schools are meeting PE provision targets and across Scotland as a whole, 96% of schools are hitting this target. This is very encouraging and shows that Scotland’s children are becoming more active and Scotland is steadily becoming a healthier nation. With the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup taking place on our doorstep this year, coupled with Wimbledon and the World Cup, we truly have a wonderful summer of sport to enjoy, hopefully spurring people on to take up one of the sports themselves.

“Today’s figures are an encouraging sign of the great progress that is being made in Scotland’s schools – and with the Curriculum for Excellence now being rolled out we can build on this progress and make Scotland’s education system even stronger.”