Paisley’s MSP on Town Hall Investment

George outside Paisley Town HallPaisley’s MSP has welcomed the £1.6 million investment in Paisley’s Town Hall, to revamp the iconic landmark and make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Speaking on the announcement, George said:

‘This is a good start to the investment that is required for the town hall. Obviuosly, there is a lot more to do, as outlined in Renfrewshire Council’s pre-consultation on the Town Hall a few years ago, where it was put forward that £7million would be needed to total re-vamp this icon buliding.

‘However, this investment will give the building an upgrade and increase public access, ensuring that the venue is in tip-top condition for the Mod coming to the town next year.

‘Not only that, jobs will be created, apprenticeships will be continued along with training for those involved in the project.

‘This is in line with the Government’s priority of employment and jobs’.

The town hall was built in 1882 by members of the Clark family, one of the families important in the thread and weaving history of Paisley.

MSP George Calls on Buddies to Use Outdoor Gyms


George Adam, MSP for Paisley is urging Buddies to take advantage of ‘outdoor gyms’ like the one at Brodie Park to assist in getting fit this summer.

The outdoor play park was established by Paisley South Vision, a working group set up to improve facilities at Brodie Park in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council and has seen Buddies young and old flock to it since its creation in 2009.

After an intense workout, George said:

“Outdoor gyms like this one are a fantastic way to assist anyone with an interest in fitness and general wellbeing. Most people will be content with jogging, but anyone who fancies spicing up their fitness session should definitely have a go.

“I’ll be taking part in the Paisley 10k this year and the gym will form an important part of my training.

“The gyms are often dubbed ‘Pensioner’s Play-parks’, but I often see people young and old using the facility. It is unsupervised, so do remember to take care, especially if you are new to fitness training.”

The equipment includes a body twister, a skier, a surfer and a sit-up bench.

Cabinet Secretary Welcomes Renfrewshire Investment in Jobs

George outside Paisley Town HallRenfrewshire Council has been commended on its package of measures to invest in youth employment. George Adam, Paisley’s MSP, highlighted the £2.5 million investment by the council which will create hundreds of jobs and provide training investment for thousands of young people within Renfrewshire.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Employment and Sustainable growth, John Swinney MSP, said;

‘This is a commendable package of measures put forward by Renfrewshire Council. This provision of opportunities for employment and training is something that I’m sure will be looked at by other council’s across Scotland when they finalise their budgets in the coming weeks.’

George raised the youth employment and training programme with the Cabinet Secretary during a question and answer session within the chamber of the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking on John Swinney’s comments, George said;

‘Renfrewshire Council has made the decision that tackling youth unemployment has to be a priority. This investment will see 250 new jobs being created for young people. But it doesn’t stop there. 1300 young people will secure training, as well as another 800 individuals being provided with the job finding skills that are desperately needed.

‘I raised this matter with the Cabinet Secretary to inform him of the tremendous work being conducted by the council administration. In tough times like these it is up to local authorities to look at ways that employment can be secured in their areas, and look at new, different methods of creating employment to increase the employability and economic viability of the authority areas.

‘I welcome that the Cabinet secretary recognised the package of measures being implemented by Renfrewshire Council, with the ambition to create jobs for young people, but I was especially pleased with his reference to other councils who will look towards Renfrewshire before making such plans for their own residents.

Paisley’s MSP Speaks for Looked after Children

George Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, spoke in a debate on looked after children recently in the Scottish Parliament. The debate centered on the ways in which the Scottish Parliament as a whole can work together to improve the lives of looked after children.

 George said, ‘On 31st October this year, Renfrewshire had 765 looked-after children, 321 of whom were in accommodation. It looks like we will face an on-going situation of looking for permanent families for 50 children at any given time. The problem is that it is difficult to get foster parents. No matter what local authorities do, it is difficult for them to get people involved in fostering. I believe that the best people to sell the idea of being a foster parent are foster parents, because they can tell others what they have gained from the experience.

 ‘Members of staff in Renfrewshire Council, who are ably led by the director of service, Peter MacLeod, are motivated to succeed in this area. In the first half of this year, the council managed to get 13 children adopted into a home—a significantly higher figure than the previous year.

 ‘One thing that has become clear is the tremendous work of people in social work departments across the country. They deal with difficult situations in their job and work with families to get the best for them. I am extremely pleased that we have had such an open debate, in which everyone has agreed that we have to deal with the situation.

 ‘It is important that we get this right and that we all take our role as corporate parents seriously. As corporate parents, we are not just the parents of our own flesh and blood, but the parents of every child in Scotland.  Much work has been completed, but we need to achieve much, much more. We all know the social benefits to our country of getting this right. If we do not, we will create future problems—and future debates—for ourselves. All strands of government can work together to ensure that we provide every child with a secure upbringing and a chance to prosper.”         

Link to George’s speech and a transcript of the whole debate