Labour Plans Pension Reductions in Scotland

George Adam MSPPlans by Labour to reduce pensions in Scotland have been attacked by George Adam, Paisley’s MSP. Ed Balls the Shadow Chancellor at Westminster has announced that there will be no change to the Tory policies recently introduced if Labour take control at Westminster, meaning the elderly and the disabled will continue to be targeted.


Speaking on Labour’s proposals, George said:


‘I think we are all getting the message loud and clear now. There is no difference at all between Labour and the Tories. We have it straight from the economic guru of the Labour party – the Bedroom Tax will stay – targeting of the disabled will stay – pensions will be targeted in Scotland, there will be lower benefits too for people in Scotland, wealthier areas in England will receive higher benefits and pensions.


‘Not even the Tories have thought that they would get away with this one.


‘Joined at the hip in targeting Scots – joined at the hip in their Better Together campaign, taking our resources and giving us even less than we get at the moment.


‘I know people in Paisley will not be happy with this. We have a chance to stand up for ourselves, we must take that opportunity next year and ensure that we are protected. Independence is the only way that we can protect our values and our people.’

Westminster Pension Grab a Disgrace – says George

fire brigade 002

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has voiced his support for firefighters in Scotland, and all the other public servants that are going to be hit by increases in pension contributions due to the Tories and Lib Dems in London.  George joined firefighters outside the Scottish Parliament today to show his solidarity against the introduction of these increases.


Outside the parliament, George said;


‘Again we find ourselves in a strange position.  Westminster states that we have to administer these increases or they will cut the Scottish budget by £100, 000,000 every year.  Not the nicest place to find ourselves but as a result of the financial decisions about Scotland being made there we have to put up with them.  For now.


‘The Scottish Government is wholly opposed to this action by Westminster.  For the past 30 years Scotland has been in a budgetary surplus, in direct contrast to the rest of the UK and the claims made by the unionist parties. 


‘Let me make myself clear – if you want to stop decisions like this and the bedroom tax and having nuclear weapons on the Clyde and having our disabled and infirm targeted – there is a choice.  We will have that choice on the 18th of September next year.  Make sure that you will be happy with the choice that you make.’