Scottish Government Debate – First Minister’s Statement (Post Referendum Debate)

George speaks in the first debate after the referendum.  First Minister Alex Salmond gave a statement to parliament regarding the referendum followed by a debate on his statement.

Gonnae Get The Grass Cut!

George and Marie next to the hidden Lochfield Road sign

George and Marie next to the hidden Lochfield Road sign

After receiving numerous complaints from annoyed constituents about Renfrewshire Council’s inability to cut grass, Paisley’s MSP George Adam and Paisley South Councillor Marie McGurk are saying enough is enough, get the grass cut! Since March this year, the issue which George has received the most correspondence about is the lack of grass cutting, coupled with the amount of rubbish strewn all over our town. Cllr McGurk has also seen a rise in the number of complaints she is receiving about the same issues.

Commenting on this on-going situation, George said, “Gonnae just get the grass cut. I’m getting sick of asking and my constituents are getting sick of having to complain. Let’s be honest, many parts of Paisley are a complete mess. The grass which runs along parts of Lochfield Road is an eyesore, with weeds over 4ft growing as well. One of the street signs on Lochfield Road is also hidden by grass and a large thistle. It’s nice to see our national flower growing, currently embodied by the Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde, but this jungle is definitely not a fitting back drop. So my message to Renfrewshire Council is a simple one; take accountability for the mess in many parts of our town and get the grass cut!

Cllr McGurk added, “I have been asking for some time to have this section of grass cut on Lochfield Road and area along Barrhead Road. I had been given assurances that it would be, however this failed to happened and my patience is running thin with the powers at be. I have been inundated with calls from local residents asking, why are the council not cutting the grass. I have asked and been told it’s because of a number of different things, but not once have I been given a good reason why it can’t be done. So like George, I have a simply message, get the grass cut!

Scotland’s Future – Your Choice

Yes PaisleyScotland’s Future is in Scotland’s hands – that was the message today at the Scottish Government’s white paper launch on independence.  The purpose of the paper is to create a nation where decisions are made for the people of Scotland to create a wealthier more socially just Scotland.

Speaking on the launch, George Adam MSP stated:

‘It will come as no surprise that this launch is a very special moment for me and for the many individuals who have campaigned for independence.

‘I know that if Scotland was independent the Paisley and its residents would be better off.  Why?

‘For the past 5 years the equivalent of every man woman and child in Scotland has paid Westminster £2,400 more than we got back from Westminster.

‘These are not my figures, they are Westminster figures produced from the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report.

‘This overpayment has been happening for the past 30 years.

‘We are paying to have nuclear weapons dumped on the Clyde.  The people of Scotland pay for this £167 million pounds every year for this privilege.

’We don’t get the governments we vote for at Westminster and we get stuck with the Poll Tax and the Bedroom Tax as a result.

‘We can make this nation much better and ensure that Paisley can flourish.

‘I urge everyone to take the time to look at Scotland’s Future and make their own decision.




For hardcopy call 0300 012 1809 or email


Visit the Scottish Parliament website or the Scottish Government website to view the white paper or download an ebook format.

Glasgow Airport FlightPath Fund Breaks Half a Million!

Glasgow Airport’s FlightPath Fund has awarded more than £500,000 pounds to good causes over the last three years.  To celebrate and recognise this success George lodged the following motion at parliament.         

Glasgow Airport FlightPath Fund
That the Parliament congratulates the Glasgow Airport FightPath fund on awarding over £550,000 to more than 150 community groups since its establishment in 2010;  recognises that the fund focuses on the four local authority areas around the airport, Renfrewshire, Glasgow and both East and West Dunbartonshire councils; understands that funds for the charity are drawn from the airport itself and donation boxes; notes the range of organisations that have benefited from the charity, including £7,500 for Loud’n’Proud, which is a Paisley-based youth project that helps to develop young musicians; commends Glasgow Airport on the establishment of the fund, and wishes the project, which it considers worthwhile, every success.


Paisley Win Renfrewshire Cup

abbey-frontpagePaisley Rugby Football Club won the Renfrewshire cup at the weekend, getting the trophy cabinet prepared for the start of the new season.

In recognition of this George lodged the following parliamentary motion.

Paisley Rugby Football Club Win Renfrewshire Cup

That the Parliament congratulates Paisley Rugby Football Club on winning the 2013 Renfrewshire Cup; recognises that the Buddies won all three of their games at the annual tournament, which was held at Birkmyre in Kilmacolm; understands that the club defeated Bishopton, Renfrew and Birkmyre in order to claim the pre-season trophy, and wishes the club and all those involved with it continued success in the season to come.



Crime at 39 Year Low

George says Yes to Independence

Recorded crime is now at a 39 year low recent figures have revealed. These figures reveal that the last time that crime was this low Richard Nixon was President, Kojak was one of the top TV series and the Bay City Rollers were in the charts.


 Speaking on the figures Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


 ‘It was thought a few years ago that it would be difficult to reduce crime any further. These figures show how seriously crime is taken by the government.


 ‘In 2007 the SNP was elected with a pledge of 1000 extra police on the beat. It is no coincidence that crime has continued to fall since then. This increase not only gives peace of mind, it is a valuable presence which deters crime.


 ‘The SNP were the only party to make this proposal. The Labour party said it would take 13 years to implement. Well thank goodness we have an SNP government if that is Labour’s work rate, or were they just making claims that were less than accurate?


 ‘I’m sure that everyone will agree with me in congratulating our police service in this record reduction in crime and I’m sure all of us will help them in continuing this crime breaking trend.’


Commenting on the figures, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said:


‘Today’s statistics show that Scotland’s communities are becoming safer places to live, with recorded crime falling for the sixth year in a row to its lowest level for 39 years.


‘We are continuing to work tirelessly to reduce knife crime and violence in Scotland, and believe education and prevention are key to tackling the root causes of violence. That’s why we are investing in the No Knives, Better Lives initiative – now in 11 areas across Scotland – and why we work with other key partners like the Violence Reduction Unit and Medics Against Violence. Together, we are working hard to change attitudes to violence and knife crime – making it clear that it is never acceptable.


‘We are also taking a robust approach to enforcement –sentences for carrying a knife in Scotland are the toughest in the UK and our prosecutors are taking a zero tolerance approach. Today’s figures show these united efforts to tackle knife crime are beginning to pay off, but there will be no complacency.


‘While today’s overall statistics are encouraging, it is concerning to see that the number of sexual offences recorded by police have increased by five per cent. This may be down to increased reporting but the public should be assured that the Scottish Government, police and prosecutors take the investigation and prosecution of these traumatic crimes extremely seriously and are taking action to address them.

‘At a Government level, we have strengthened the law around sex crimes by bringing in the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009. We are also giving £3.6 million funding to support victims of rape from 2012-15. Just yesterday, I met with the Rape and Sexual Crime External Advisory Group which now operates across Police Scotland and works closely with police officers to help inform and improve rape investigations. Meanwhile, the Scottish Police Service has launched a new National Rape Taskforce to further improve the investigation of rape and other sexual crimes right across the country.’

Fire families have ‘lost everything’ – Ewan Fergus Reporter – Evening Times

IMAG0226FAMILIES who had to suddenly evacuate their homes at 3.30am after a fire broke out in a pub have “lost everything” after the building had to be immediately demolished.  Eighteen people spent a second night in temporary accommodation last night after the blaze destroyed six flats above the George pub in Causeyside Street, Paisley.

One source told the Evening Times everything inside the building “was toast” and Renfrewshire Council’s building control officers decided demolition was the only way to make the area safe. Contextual targeting label: Local government First-stage demolition work took around five hours yesterday and 47 properties were left without power in the area while it was carried out. Nearby roads were also closed.

The council has now launched a range of support services for people affected. All 18 people made homeless have been provided with short-term accommodation by the council or have made their own arrangements.

Local MSP George Adam, whose office is close to the site of the blaze, said: “This is a sad end for the building that has stood on one of Paisley’s landmark streets for more than a century. “The main thing is the families are safe.

“They have lost everything within their homes, including photographs and mementoes that can’t be replaced. It must be devastating for them. “We have to help them build their lives again.”

No-one was injured in the fire, which started at 3.25am on Sunday, severely damaging the building and prompting a major response from Renfrewshire Council, police and firefighters. Police said inquiries into the cause of the fire were continuing.

Full Story  –

Graffiti Removed from TA Building

webPaisley’s MSP has secured the removal of the graffiti from one of Paisley’s historic buildings. The former Territorial Army building and drill hall on the High Street has been empty for a number of years and a spate of vandalism has created an eyesore next to the town’s university and the Coats Memorial Church.

Speaking on the clear-up, George said:

‘After a number of weeks working on the issue I was glad to see that Colliers International have kept their promise to me by removing the graffiti. This not only removes the eyesore from the people that live in the town but also shows off their potential development free of spray paint. The next step is to get something done with the building, hopefully investors will take a new look.

‘I have said before, if we the people that live in and care for our town don’t make a stand then nothing will get done. It is important that we make sure that our town is shown off at its best, promoting all that’s positive about the town. That is the only way to make Paisley the best it can be.

‘The TA building is a category B-listed property and planning permission for flats has been granted. I hope that with the clear-up of the property there will be more interest in the development opportunity. I believe that flats in such a building, in that specific part of the High Street would be snapped up by house hunters. We need to encourage the development and promote our town to encourage the development. Part of that is to show the building off in the best possible light.’



Minister to Visit Paisley for Bus Station Proposals

Gary and George across from proposed entrance to the Paisley Bus StationThe proposals for a new bus station for Paisley are continuing to move forward with the announcement that Keith Brown MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Transport and Veterans, will visit the proposed site.  The visit was instigated by Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, detailing the work that had gone on to develop plans for a bus station for Scotland’s largest town.  George has been working closely with interested parties to ensure that the town has a bus station in the future, not least one of the town’s leading businessmen Gary Kerr, Managing Director of EPM Solutions, an asset management and engineering consultancy. 

Speaking on the news, George said:

 ‘I took time during a session of parliament to explain the idea that has been driven by Gary.  I have known Gary for a number of years now and he has the interests of the town at his heart.  I have met few people that are so driven to help their town in a truly altruistic manner.

 ‘Using his own time, expertise and resources Gary produced concept plans for the bus station at the empty site behind the empty Arnotts’ store.  This would leave potential development around the site for shopping and leisure as well as delivering customers right to the doorstep of Paisley, and the Piazza.

 ‘We have been in contact with a number of parties to move the project forward, including delivering the site blue print to the council over six months ago.  We are determined to move forward with this project in partnership, with others now needing to buy in to the development in the town, including SPT whose role is delivering plans and transport solutions for the west of Scotland.

 ‘I have listened too to many constituents desiring the establishment of a bus station, and with the vision of Gary and his determination things are moving forward.  In order to make progress it is up to all of us to put a bit of effort in.  I call on everyone who wants the town to move forward to back the plan.’

 Commenting, Gary Kerr said:

 ‘Anyone that knows me knows my commitment to Paisley.  I have been working on a number of projects, the bus station concept is just one of them.  I’ve drawn up plans intended to transform Paisley once more into a transport destination and hub with Gilmour Street train station, the M8 motorway and the airport right on our doorstep.  It is time to join this up as well as encouraging people to shop and take advantage of the retail and leisure activities that will open up with this development.  I appreciate George’s backing for my plans and I am delighted that he has been able to secure some time with the Transport Minister to see the positive vision that we have for Paisley.’

Bryony Gives’ Paisley’s Parliamentary Office the Thumbs Up!

Bryony and George in Paisley's Parliamentary OfficeThis week [week ending 25/01/13] Paisley’s Parliamentary Office welcomed a new recruit; 15 year old Bryony Lovett from Gryffe High School. Schools across Scotland at this time of year send their 4th year pupils out on work experience and Bryony decided that she would like to come and work with Paisley’s MSP George Adam.

Speaking of her time in Johnston Street, Bryony said, “I have spent the last 5 days with George and his team in the Paisley constituency office and it has been a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Originally, I was quite nervous about coming into the office, however, I was pleasantly surprised about the way I was welcomed by George, Matthew, David, Tom and Cathy. This week has been filled with many jobs in which I wouldn’t have been faced with at school such as organising and categorising newspaper reports that may be used as evidence in any talks or debates George may take part in and overseeing the behaviour of our MSP’s in the chamber at the Scottish Parliament.

‘On Wednesday I was lucky enough to get a tour of the parliament in Edinburgh and go up to George’s office where I met his lovely wife Stacey. Whilst at the Parliament I watched a debate in the chamber in which George was asking a question that was getting answered by the Finance Secretary, John Swinney, about unemployment issues in Scotland. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience with many different opportunities.”

On Bryony’s time in the office, George commented, “It was great to have Bryony in the office this week, often the eyes of a young person give you a different perspective on things and Bryony certainly made her opinions known when ever we were having a debate in the office. I was flattered as well that Bryony wanted to come and join my team and see what we get up to on a daily basis. Further, it was great to get her through to the Parliament on the Wednesday and for her to sit in on a debate in the chamber.

‘I would like to thank Bryony for her efforts during the week and hope that she has gained some valuable experiences for the years ahead.”