Shameless Dealer Claiming To Be A Doctor Is Peddling Drugs Online


A shameless drug dealer claiming to be a doctor is offering potentially deadly prescription drugs for sale online.


The dodgy peddler posted on a popular Paisley Facebook group, offering up diazepam and other prescription tablets to shocked members.




Using the name “James Robbinson” the dealer tried to push his illegal product on users of the community-friendly page.

He wrote on the Paisley Legends Revived group claiming he could deliver diazepam, an addictive drug only available on prescription.

His Facebook profile is littered with images of prescription drugs boxes, including diazepam and Xanax and claims to deliver to “all destinations”.

Adding that he could, “render the service of a medical doctor to relief the people from certain trouble with a certain medication called diazepam,”

The post was quickly taken down from the usually good-natured site, but not before disturbed users spotted the outrageous message.

Robbinson, who claims to be from Paisley, took to the site to hawk his illicit stash on Friday morning,with administrations removing it soon after.

Bizarrely his profile, which has 74 friends, shows a number of images that appear to show doctors in white coats working in clinics in Africa.

And, at one point he even states he is part of a research team.

His post on Paisley Legends Revived began with the words “My Paisley people…” before going on to list the supposed benefits of diazepam, which appear to have been lifted direct from wikipedia.

Diazepam is prescribed for patients due to its calming affects and can be used to treat patients with anxiety.

The drug is also known to be used by drug addicts who use it to lessen the affects of a “come down”.

But used in the incorrect dosages it can be both dangerous and addictive.



A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Should anyone be concerned about potential criminality in their community, please contact local officers via 101.

“Alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be given anonymously.”



George Serious Paisley Town HallPaisley MSP George Adam said: “I am deeply troubled by the post on the facebook site. Let’s get this straight, the drug that was being offered is a controlled drug which is illegal to supply or receive without a prescription.

“It is good to hear that the administrator for the site removed the post. It can be hard to monitor all aspects of social media, especially a site dedicated to promoting the good and the nagging things about our town.

“This is no place for such posts. Anyone being offered these drugs without good reason, and a consultation from a doctor, should report this to the police. No one should be posting willy-nilly to people who might just fancy taking a controlled drug.

“Medically trained responsible individuals would never offer controlled drugs in such a way. I hope that the full details of this incident are released and investigated.

“I commend the Paisley Daily Express in exposing the dangers that we all face in this electronic age and ensuring that we are all more vigilant in what is posted.”



Paisley Daily Express – 21/3/17 – David Campbell

November 17 is announced as closing date for Paisley’s Piazza post office

Paisley MSP George Adam says workers have been treated with “disdain” 
 Protests: People signed petitions in a bid to keep the facility open
Roberto Cavieres – Protests: People signed petitions in a bid to keep the facility open
PAISLEY DAILY EXPRESS: Live news as it happens

Paisley’s Crown post office is to finally close in a few weeks.The long running campaign to keep the Piazza-based service open was defeated earlier this year, but staff were only told recently of the date the axe falls —Thursday, November 17.

And the town’s MSP, George Adam, discovered the news from the Paisley Daily Express before hitting out angrily at the treatment of the workforce.

He blasted: “Once again, it would seem that the workers at the post office and the people of Paisley are being treated with disdain.

“I have been told that the Piazza post office is being closed in less than three weeks, but not from the Post Office itself, of course.

“I’m sure that you might think they would contact the representative of the town before such a dreadful action, just a few weeks before Christmas. Alas, it wouldn’t surprise me.”

He added: “‘I took part in the consultation.

“And it was during that consultation where it was discovered the Post Office was already advertising for staff at the new location, as revealed by the Paisley Daily Express.

“And that was before a decision had been made.

“I am still waiting to hear about the responses to the consultation and the numbers in favour of the Piazza location closing.

“Speaking to people around the town, there is a bad smell about this whole process.

“There has been talk of ‘sham’ and ‘done deal’ and, at the moment, I have no evidence to contradict these calls.”

The post office is to be moved to
WH Smith, in Paisley High Street, where work is underway at the back of the store to build glass-fronted counters.

A spokesman for the Communications Workers Union said: “It is all very sad.

“It seems to have been a foregone conclusion that Paisley Crown post office would close from the start.

“It will become a franchise and that is always a worry too for new terms and conditions for any staff who transfer over.

“But, so far, we have not had word of any staff deciding to make that move.

“So it looks very much like when the post office closes in the Piazza, then the jobs finish there too. Again, it’s very sad.

“We are not sure even if the WH Smith post office will be opening immediately after the Piazza branch closes.

“We had 373 Crown post offices in 2012 and today we have 301.

“That shows the loss of a great service to the public.”

A Post Office spokeswoman said: “Our plans to move are continuing and the new branch will open on November 17.

“The current branch will operate until normal closing time hopefully on November 16.”

She added: “There are 14 staff at the current branch seven part-time and seven full-time.

“The staff can transfer to WHSmith in line with TUPE legislation.

“We support employees who don’t want to take up this option, exploring redeployment opportunities, or leaving under a settlement agreement.

“We’ve got a good track record on this and we’re discussing options with people on an individual basis.”

Meanwhile, Paisley MP Mhairi Black said:“It is very disappointing that the Post Office has decided to go ahead with this move, despite the people of Paisley sending a clear message that they disagree with the plans.

“The problems identified during the consultation process remain and I hope that the Post Office will take them into consideration when implementing the move.

“It remains to be seen whether the feedback myself and others provided to the Post Office will be listened to when it opens up in WH Smith, and I will be making sure to visit the new post office when it opens.”

Paisley MSP George Adam wrongly threatened with Sheriff Officers over unpaid bill mix-up

Mr Adam was accused of not paying a £400 levy

Paisley MSP George Adam revealed he has been threatened with Sheriff Officers being sent to his town centre office.

The warning was issued by Renfrewshire Council on behalf of Paisley First amid claims he had failed to cough up a £400 levy — despite it being paid in May.

Mr Adam laughed off the threat regarding his Johnston Street office and said: “The letter has been signed by Alan Russell as director of finance and resources, and I know him well from my time at the council.

“He’s a good guy.

“I don’t know how this has happened. I have no idea, but I have received two letters saying I have not made payment of the required instalment for BID — Business Improvement District — with the second saying that unless payment was made within 14 days, then they will apply to Sheriff Officers for the recovery of any payments.

“My office manager, David McCartney, has been trying to sort this out, but nothing has been resolved.

“I find it all really funny.

“The bill was paid by the Scottish Parliament as a matter of course, because there are office expenses for the basics such as water, electricity, heating and this levy.

“So my office is basically a little piece of Parliament in Paisley.

“It is an extension of Parliament and non-political with no party posters, or anything like that.

“In fact, I wonder if it is actually legal for Sheriff Officers to carry out any action on Parliament. I must check that out.”

Award-winning Renfrewshire Campaign

George supporting the 'Don't be Left out in the Cold' campaign

George supporting the ‘Don’t be Left out in the Cold’ campaign

George today lodged the parliamentary motion below in recognition of the award winning ‘Don’t be Left out in the Cold’ campaign.

Motion Number: S4M-08352

Lodged By: George Adam
Date Lodged: 19/11/2013

Title: Award-winning Renfrewshire Campaign

Motion Text: That the Parliament congratulates everyone involved in the campaign to reduce smoking, Don’t be Left out in the Cold, which encouraged smokers to give up the habit, including the Paisley Daily Express, Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership and the Renfrewshire Tobacco Alliance; understands that the campaign won a Chairman’s Award from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, recognising the efforts of those making a difference to people’s lives, and recognises everyone involved in the campaign and the support and goodwill of individuals and groups throughout Paisley and Renfrewshire.

Bus station plans gather momentum

George with Gary Kerr, Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP and Cllr Brian LawsonMar 14 2013 by Chris Taylor, Paisley Daily Express

Ambitious plans to open a new bus station in Paisley were handed a boost when Transport Minister Keith Brown came to town.

Blueprints for the transport hub – on a site in Incle Street, behind the former Arnotts store – have been drawn up by Paisley businessman Gary Kerr and are being supported by the town’s MSP George Adam.

They were both on hand to welcome Mr Brown as he ran the rule over the designs and was given a tour of the proposed site.

Mr Kerr, 47, said: “Anyone who knows me knows my commitment to Paisley.

“These are serious plans to make the town a major transport hub, with Gilmour Street train station, the M8 motorway and Glasgow Airport right on our doorstep.

“It is time to join these up, as well as encouraging people to shop and take advantage of the retail and leisure activities that will open up with this development.”

Mr Kerr, who runs engineering consultancy firm EPM Solutions, produced the plans for a proposed bus station free of charge and in his own time.

And Paisley MSP Mr Adam took up the cause after meeting Mr Kerr and realising they shared the same goals.

Mr Adam believes the meeting with Mr Brown was successful but has called for more support from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, which is the organisation responsible for implementing bus services in the area.

“I was informed almost 10 months ago that SPT were imminently producing a report on a bus station for Paisley,” said Mr Adam. “We are still waiting for that report, which is a disappointment.

“SPT is the organisation which would be responsible for the creation of any transport hub like this but waiting almost a year for a first ‘imminent’ report is too long and Renfrewshire Council is paying £3million a year to SPT.

“Eventually, we must look at getting value for money for the payments or, at the very least, being open to improvements to the transport system.

“These are just proposals from someone who wants the best for the town but it shows what can be done if vision and passion are what drive you.”

Mr Brown said he looks forward to hearing more about the bus station plans as they are developed.

He added: “The Scottish Government is always keen to listen to suggestions for improvements that will encourage people to get out of their cars and use public transport.

“This visit has enabled me to see at first hand the local community’s early aspirations for this bus station.”

Link to the story of the Paisley Daily Express website.