George Welcomes Scottish Apprenticeship Week

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is the nationwide campaign aimed at encouraging more employers to take on apprentices, and the campaign theme for 2018 is
‘Apprenticeships are the Business’.



George said,


‘I wholeheartedly support this scheme and agree that Apprenticeships really are the business. It’s vitally important that young people are given opportunities to learn and improve their practical skills, and apprenticeships are the perfect way to do both simultaneously.’


Organised by Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Apprenticeship Week highlights the commitment of businesses that invest in the skills of their workforce, and shows the success of apprentices who have chosen work-based learning to get qualified to develop their careers.


‘Business that take on apprentices and truly invest in their employees are what we want to see more of in today’s market so I was delighted to see the great scheme at St. Mirren first hand.’


‘Both boys, Conor McBrearty and Matthew Reilly, who are apprentice players at the club, spoke very highly of their apprenticeship and are very enthusiastic about the doors this will open for them in the future.’


‘The boys are very driven and seem to be throwing themselves into everything the apprenticeship has to offer. It’s great to see a big local name supporting local boys to reach their potential.’

8,162 Modern Apprenticeships In Renfrewshire In Ten Years

SNP Securing Skills For The Future

The SNP has supported 8,162 Modern Apprenticeships in Renfrewshire in ten years of Government – with 37,000 young people currently going through an apprenticeship in Scotland.


Many areas in Scotland have experienced an increase in MA uptake of over 80% in the last 10 years – with 41.5 % more MA starts in Renfrewshire compared to 2007.


The SNP manifesto has committed to delivering 30,000 apprenticeships each year by 2020, up from 15,000 when we took office, targeting the additional places on higher level courses, including graduate-level apprenticeships.


BwCmzkXIAAATTnPNational Apprenticeship Week will take place from 6 to 10 March.


Commenting, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


“I am delighted that as we celebrate this year’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week, the latest statistics show that the SNP Government has supported over 200,000 apprentices in 10 years.


“In Renfrewshire, we’ve seen huge growth in the number of apprenticeships since 2007 – increasing from 667 to 8,162 today. 


“The SNP’s extra investment and focus over the last decade has transformed apprenticeships – building bridges with industry, filling skills gaps and enhancing productivity, while giving our young people the skills they need to be at the forefront of our economy and our jobs market. 


“We delivered on our manifesto target of reaching 25,000 Modern Apprenticeships each year back in 2011-12 and we have now raised that target to 30,000 per year by 2020.


“This Modern Apprenticeship Week I would encourage all businesses to think about how their business could benefit from taking on an apprentice.”


George town hall landscape

Paisley Sees Modern Apprenticeships Rise Since 2007

Paisley’s MSP George Adam is marking UN World Youth Skills Day by highlighting figures showing that the number of people on Modern Apprenticeships has grown by almost 60 per cent since the SNP came to office in 2007 – and repeating calls for powers over the minimum wage to be devolved to Scotland to allow action on fair pay for apprentices.George town hall landscape

An analysis of figures from Skills Development Scotland shows the number of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland has risen from 15,803 in 2007/08 to 25,247 in 2014/15 – an increase of 59.7 per cent. The SNP in government has exceeded its target of 25,000 Modern Apprenticeships a year every year since 2011/12 – and has increased the target to 30,000 a year by 2020.

The current minimum wage for apprentices is £2.73 per hour – while under plans put forward by the SNP at the General Election, the rate would have risen to £6.86 by 2020.
Commenting, George said:

“These very welcome figures highlight a key success of the SNP in government – with the number of Modern Apprenticeships in Renfrewshire rising by almost 47.9 per cent since 2007/08 and more young people being given an opportunity to get into work, learn a skill and secure a better future.

“Apprenticeships are a key part of the SNP in government’s successful youth employment strategy – and the Scottish Government has exceeded its target of 25,000 Modern Apprenticeships a year every year since 2011/12. This target is set to increase to 30,000 by 2020.

“Over the past few years, I have met with many modern apprentices in Paisley who are really benefiting from learning while working and receiving a wage.

“However, it is simply wrong that due to the discriminatory regulations of the UK Government, many apprentices could find themselves earning less than £3 per hour. In the recent budget, we seen another attack on young people from the Westminster Government, removing the ability of anyone under the age of 21 from claim for housing benefit. How can you afford a flat if you are earning less than £3 an hour.

“It’s imperative that we can continue to attract more young people into the Modern Apprentice programme – and that they aren’t put off by the disincentive of low pay. That’s why it is absolutely vital that powers to tackle low pay are devolved to Scotland.

“The SNP’s record in supporting and empowering our young people is second to none – and with powers over the minimum wage in Scotland’s hands rather than in George Osborne’s we can take further action to deliver a fairer wage for apprentices and ensure that they have all the support they need to succeed.”

Muir Slicer Team up with Paisley’s MSP in Supporting Scottish Apprenticeship Week

George with Apprentice Chelsea McGregor, CareWatch Manager Heather Caldwell and Muir Slicer Managing Director Allan Slicer

George with Apprentice Chelsea McGregor, CareWatch Manager Heather Caldwell and Muir Slicer Managing Director Allan Slicer

Paisley based training firm Muir Slicer Associates hosted a visit from Paisley’s MSP, George Adam to promote the upcoming Scottish Apprenticeship Week which runs from 19th to 23rd May.

The company is currently working with over 300 Modern Apprentices across a range of sectors and boast an achievement rate of over 90 percent. To show his support for Scottish Apprenticeship Week, George warmly took up an invitation from Liz Muir of Muir Slicer to come along to their Paisley office, take in the work they do and meet up with one of their apprentices.

Skills Development Scotland organises Scottish Apprenticeship Week to encourage many more employers to take on apprentices. Scotland has ambitious targets for 25,000 new Modern Apprenticeship places each year. Modern Apprenticeships cover around 80 different areas of employment and are open to anyone over the age of 16.

Speaking after the visit George said, “It was great to get along to a local firm which is directly involved delivering modern apprenticeships to people in our community. I was given a tour around their base at the Abbey Mill and was very impressed with the work they undertake and the level of professionalism on show. I then met up with one of their young apprentices, Chelsea McGregor, who is working with one of Muir Slicers partner organisations. She seemed to be really enjoying her apprenticeship and was learning a great deal which will stand her in good stead for the future.

‘The Scottish Government is committed to giving all young people the best chance to gain employment, that’s why it is committed to providing 125,000 over the life time of this parliamentary session. Skill Development Scotland, who are promoting Scottish Apprentice Week deserve great credit for promoting the benefits apprenticeships bring to business, individual and the Scottish Economy as a whole. I would like to thank Muir Slicer for inviting me along to their Paisley office and wish them, and their apprentices, ever success in the future.”

Muir Slicer managing director, Allan Slicer, said: “Developing our candidates is very important to our business and Modern Apprentices are a vital part of that development. By working with our client organisations we see the positive difference the Modern Apprenticeship programme makes to their businesses.

“The visit allowed George to find out about Modern Apprentice opportunities with Muir Slicer and more about what we do, as well as meeting some of our clients and Apprentices.”

Feedback from candidates to date has included: “My apprenticeship has provided me with the opportunity to get valuable qualifications and to earn while I learn.

“Getting a work-based qualification has been invaluable and has really helped me in my job and career so far.”


Muir Slicer delivers Modern Apprenticeships throughout Scotland across a wide variety of skill areas including Management, Retail Skills, Retail Management, Business and Administration, Health and Safety and Customer Service. Anyone with an interest in finding out more about the opportunities available should contact Graeme on 0141 889 1234.

The company is currently working with over 300 Modern Apprentices in retail, business administration and management and recruits new clients and candidates each year. And with an achievement rate of over 90%, Muir Slicer’s clients can be certain they’re getting the best possible input from our highly qualified and motivated team.

Events and activities involving employers, apprentices, colleges, local authorities and training providers are taking place across the country to celebrate the success of apprenticeships.

Modern Apprentices are employed across Scotland in a wide range of jobs in sectors including engineering, construction, health and social care, ICT, tourism, retail and food and drink.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week runs from 19 to 23 May. You can find out more at

For further information please contact:

Muir Slicer Associates Limited
Liz Muir
Phone number 0141 889 1234
Email address

SNP Hail Apprenticeship Achievements

George AdamScottish employers value Modern Apprenticeships (MAs) as being important to their business and are keen to continue offering and increase opportunities for young people. So says the results of a Skills Development Scotland survey published today (Tuesday) which is being welcomed by the SNP.

SNP MSP George Adam, a member of the Education and Culture Committee, said:

“It is testament to the dedication of young people enrolling on the MA scheme and the commitment of the wide range of companies signing up to it that we can welcome these figures today.

“There will be 25,000 Modern Apprenticeship opportunities every year of this parliament. An MA teaches young people the skills they need for employment and a gives them recognised qualifications for the real world.

“While there is no room for complacency it is clear Scotland’s policies of investing in our young people through Opportunities for All, and funding 25,000 Modern Apprenticeships each year, is paying off – meanwhile the Westminster system continues to follow its counter-productive cuts campaign.”

 The report can be found by clcking here.

 Key findings include:
* 96 per cent of employers reported that MA completers were better able to do their jobs
* Employers surveyed reported high levels of satisfaction with the relevance (85 per cent) and quality (83 per cent) of the training provided
* 75 per cent of employers viewed MAs as either important or vital to their business
* Most employers (83 per cent) who currently offer MAs plan to do so in future.