George Launches Campaign

Many new members of the SNP gathered with members of the public to launch the campaign for George Adam to be elected as Paisley’s member of the Scottish IMG_0984Parliament on Friday.  There was a festival atmosphere at the event and George was pleased that Derek Mackay MSP (Minister for Transport and the Islands), Mike Russell MSP, Mhairi Black MP and Gavin Newlands MP were also able to attend the event at St Peter’s in Glenburn with music from local band Clyde.  George was elected to the Scottish Parliament as the first MSP to represent Paisley as a whole.  Previously the town had been split in two covering other areas in Renfrewshire.


Speaking on the event George said;


‘It is a privilege to represent my home town at the parliament.  For me there is no better job than to represent the people of Paisley in every way I can.


‘Everyone faces challenges and some tough times in their life and to be able to help is one of the best aspects of my job.  There is another aspect to the job that I will continue to tackle.  Our town has been used as a political football for years now.  There are great aspects to this town along with people who want the best for Paisley.  For too long the town has been talked down.  I see the good things happening here and I will continue to promote the positive Paisley that I and many others see.  It is the only way that you encourage people and businesses to come to Paisley and being Paisley’s MSP gives me the ideal opportunity highlight the good work going on here.


‘I am delighted to have been reselected to stand in Paisley and I look forward to the campaign.


Mike Russell MSP, former Cabinet secretary for education had this to say about George on the night;


‘George Adam is a first class MSP who stands up for the people of Paisley with flair, ability and determination.  He is also a very effective support for the Education Secretary , acting as her Parliamentary Liaison Officer and helping to make education a priority for the Scottish Government and he did that wonderfully well for me as well.


‘George understands , as a former councillor in Paisley, how important party unity is to effective delivery of services He helps the SNP group in the Parliament to understand that issue and to fulfil its promises .


‘I greatly value George’s friendship and support in the Parliament and I am delighted to come to Paisley. To speak in his support and kick start his campaign for re-election.’


Council Spends £15 million Every Year Maintaining PFI While Closing Schools

George Adam MSPThe Cabinet Secretary for Education, Mike Russell MSP, has confirmed that PFI payments have mortgaged the future of our children.  Answering a question in Parliament by George Adam – it was confirmed that this year alone Renfrewshire will make a PFI payment of £15 million, enough to build a brand new school every year.  This comes as a back drop of Renfrewshire Council’s plans to close schools throughout the local authority.

Speaking on the revelation, George said:

‘These payments that we as tax payers have to make are clearly not value for money.  You don’t have to take my word for it you can listen to the Treasury Committee of Westminster for confirmation.

‘This year alone a payment of £15 million will be made with this amount increasing every year, receiving nothing in return.

‘Excessive profits have been made by the private sector with PFI contracts, mistakes have been made.

‘I agree with the Cabinet Secretary that before closing schools in Renfrewshire the Convenor of Education in the council should ensure that parents are informed of the £15 million they spend getting absolutely nothing in return.  That’s £15 million every year for 30 years.  That’s a pay day loan on a level that is incomprehensible to most people.’

Renfrewshire Council SNP Group Leader Brian Lawson commented, ‘What makes matters worse is that some of these schools, built and run for profit by the private sector, each costing nearly a million pounds each and every year, are running at just over 50% capacity. Renfrewshire Labour are paying vast amounts of money for empty classrooms’.


General Question on Renfrewshire Schools

General Question on Renfrewshire Schools

The Cabinet Secretary for education, Mike Russell MSP, was questioned by Paisley’s MSP about the proper process that should be followed when local authorities are reviewing educational facilities.


Read the Press Release here..