Paisley’s MSP Welcomes £4,248,000 Boost For Renfrewshire Schools

Schools in Renfrewshire will benefit from a £4,248,000 funding boost as part of the Scottish Government’s drive to improve standards in schools, it has been revealed.


The share each school is due to receive from the Scottish Government’s new £120 million Pupil Equity Fund has been revealed by Deputy First Minister John Swinney.


49 primaries and 11 secondaries across Renfrewshire are set to receive additional support worth thousands of pounds. It will be up to teachers and school leaders to decide the best way of using the funding to close the poverty related attainment gap in their schools.


russell instituteWelcoming the announcement, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:

“Every child in Scotland should have the best possible start in life, and it is unacceptable for children from the poorest backgrounds to have their chances limited by circumstances outside their control.


“The SNP in government has made closing the poverty-related attainment gap our number one priority, and our new £120 million Pupil Equity Fund is aimed at doing just that – supporting 49 primaries and 11 secondaries in Renfrewshire.


“This new announcement will let parents, teachers and school leaders in Renfrewshire see how much funding they can expect to drive up standards and tackle the inter-generational cycle of deprivation in their school.”


Record High Figures for College Numbers and Attainment

George outside Paisley Abbey

 Figures released by the Scottish Funding Council have shown that more 16-24 year olds than ever are working on full time college courses. These statistics show that colleges are exceeding the annual commitment of 116,000 full time equivalent places. This is an educational record for college student numbers between the ages of 16 and 24.

 Speaking on the figures, George Adam said:

 ‘These figures show how colleges are meeting and exceeding targets that will help our young people be ready for the work force when they leave college to meet today’s challenges.

 ‘Too often we are pointed towards the negatives and don’t recognise the great work that our colleges are doing everyday.

 ‘Reid Kerr is a prime example of a college on our doorstep doing great work, including courses on new renewable energy opportunities, giving our young people the tools to meet the work challenges of the future, matching employer’s needs. I have had the privilege of visiting the college many times, meeting the Principal Audrey Cumberford who has a vision for the future of the college and its students.

 ‘These figures are good news but we must never be complacent in order to meet the needs of our young people and employers.’

 Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

 ‘I pay tribute to the role of colleges in delivering Opportunities for All, our unique guarantee of a place in training or education – their part here in providing learning for young people cannot be underestimated.

 ‘Not only are our student numbers targets being exceeded, but more young people than ever before are benefiting from full time courses and more are successfully completing their studies. This is especially true for young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

 ‘Our commitment to the FE sector is clear. We have increased funding by £61 million over the spending review period, compared to plans in the draft budget statement and we are giving the sector the necessary framework for better college governance through the Post 16 Education Bill. Today’s figures show we are creating an improved college system from a position of real strength.’



The FTE figures used in this release are for Scottish Government funded places.


These figures are taken from two reports published by the Scottish Funding Council:

* Scotland’s Colleges: A Baseline Report for Academic Year 2011-12

* College Performance Indicators 2011-12


Alongside this, the SFC has also published a report on ‘HE Students Eligible for Funding 2012-13’


These figures can be accessed at:



Paisley Pirates Win Hockey League

George lodged the following Parliamentary Motion congratulating our very own Paisley Pirates on winning the SNL.


Paisley Pirates Clinch the SNL
That the Parliament congratulates the Paisley Pirates ice hockey team on beating the Belfast Giants 17-6 to clinch the Scottish National League (SNL); notes that the team, which was founded in 1946, is one of the UK’s oldest; believes that Paisley Pirates is one of the major players in UK and Scottish ice hockey; notes however that this is only the team’s third season in the SNL; commends all the staff, players and supporters of this fan-owned club on what it sees as this terrific achievement, and hopes that the team can build on 2013’s success and continue to be one of Scotland’s best ice hockey teams.

Minister to Visit Paisley for Bus Station Proposals

Gary and George across from proposed entrance to the Paisley Bus StationThe proposals for a new bus station for Paisley are continuing to move forward with the announcement that Keith Brown MSP, Scottish Government Minister for Transport and Veterans, will visit the proposed site.  The visit was instigated by Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, detailing the work that had gone on to develop plans for a bus station for Scotland’s largest town.  George has been working closely with interested parties to ensure that the town has a bus station in the future, not least one of the town’s leading businessmen Gary Kerr, Managing Director of EPM Solutions, an asset management and engineering consultancy. 

Speaking on the news, George said:

 ‘I took time during a session of parliament to explain the idea that has been driven by Gary.  I have known Gary for a number of years now and he has the interests of the town at his heart.  I have met few people that are so driven to help their town in a truly altruistic manner.

 ‘Using his own time, expertise and resources Gary produced concept plans for the bus station at the empty site behind the empty Arnotts’ store.  This would leave potential development around the site for shopping and leisure as well as delivering customers right to the doorstep of Paisley, and the Piazza.

 ‘We have been in contact with a number of parties to move the project forward, including delivering the site blue print to the council over six months ago.  We are determined to move forward with this project in partnership, with others now needing to buy in to the development in the town, including SPT whose role is delivering plans and transport solutions for the west of Scotland.

 ‘I have listened too to many constituents desiring the establishment of a bus station, and with the vision of Gary and his determination things are moving forward.  In order to make progress it is up to all of us to put a bit of effort in.  I call on everyone who wants the town to move forward to back the plan.’

 Commenting, Gary Kerr said:

 ‘Anyone that knows me knows my commitment to Paisley.  I have been working on a number of projects, the bus station concept is just one of them.  I’ve drawn up plans intended to transform Paisley once more into a transport destination and hub with Gilmour Street train station, the M8 motorway and the airport right on our doorstep.  It is time to join this up as well as encouraging people to shop and take advantage of the retail and leisure activities that will open up with this development.  I appreciate George’s backing for my plans and I am delighted that he has been able to secure some time with the Transport Minister to see the positive vision that we have for Paisley.’

Renfrewshire Business Leaders Meet Deputy First Minister

George in the High StreetA large group of business leaders from top employers in Renfrewshire met with the Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, in Glasgow yesterday.  Representatives from some of Renfrewshire’s largest employers, including many of the blue chip companies, providing more than 15,000 jobs in Renfrewshire took the opportunity to meet the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Investment after an invitation from Paisley’s MSP George Adam.

The purpose of the meeting was to look at the potential that Renfrewshire has to offer, demonstrating the investment and economic power that the area already has, and how this can be channelled to ensure that Renfrewshire develops as one of Scotland’s economic powerhouses.

Speaking on the meting George said:

‘Renfrewshire has one of the best reputations for doing business in Scotland.  We have huge blue chip companies based here that are world leaders in everything they do and they contribute in a massive way to the economy, providing jobs and growth.

‘Sometimes I think we forget that Glasgow Airport, Rolls Royce, Diageo, Doosan Babcock, HP Scotland, Chivas/ Pernod Ricard, Lifetech, to name just a few of the companies that have invested here, benefitting from the skilled workforce that we can provide, ably helped by the educational facilities we have, the University of the West of Scotland and Reid Kerr College.

‘This is no accident.  We have much to offer, including our great transport links with the airport, railway and the M8 running through our towns, connecting businesses and workers.  But we can always do more; in fact we should always aim to do better, to improve, to keep the vision of what could be.  That is the only way to move forward, benefitting everyone who lives and works here.

‘That is why I arranged this meeting with Nicola Sturgeon, to show what Renfrewshire contributes to the economy and to demonstrate how all of the businesses present are working together to get things done, improve, provide jobs and drive Renfrewshire to be the heart of the economy in Scotland.

‘It is a credit to these businesses that they want to work together, it makes sense.  But sometimes individual interests can come to the surface.  This is not the case here.  During the meeting there was talk of ‘synergy’, the benefit of businesses working together and producing something more than the sum of their parts.

‘These companies have been working together for some time, in fact they were working together before taking the opportunity to put forward the proposal to the Scottish Government for the Glasgow Airport Investment Zone, and they have pledged to work together in the future, something that Nicola Sturgeon was willing to help with, to work with all the businesses in making these positive economic steps in the future.

‘It was impressive, trying to fit all of the business leaders in to the meeting room at the offices of the Scottish Government to meet Nicola.  It proved everything that I have been saying about Renfrewshire for years now.  Renfrewshire is a great place to live and work and there’s so much more that we can do with the companies that we have the privilege of hosting.  We have the will to develop and I can assure everyone that we will do everything to drive Renfrewshire forward.’

MSP Welcome Massive Boost to Scottish Infrastructure

George Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has heralded the news of the massive investment to Scottish infrastructure announced today by Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment.

 Mr Adam said, “The announcement today of £60billion of capital investment to drive growth in our country is tremendous news. Roads, rail, energy and Scotland’s next generation of broadband have all been given a massive boost. Paisley is already experiencing investment in the shape of the refurbishment to Gilmour Street Station and the improvements to our rail link with Glasgow.

 ‘As a country, we will all benefit from the Next Generation Broadband Action Plan which will deliver the next generation of broadband by 2020, ensuring future innovation in our digital economy and supporting businesses, ensuring they stay competitive in the global digital environment.  In addition, major investment will be undertaken to upgrade Scotland’s electricity grid, making sure we can deliver our energy potential, especially with our capacity to produce so much renewable energy.

 ‘We are investing in our water supply, with Scottish Water actively improving our drinking water. 55 schools will be replaced or refurbished to help our children learn in a more modern environment. On top of that, 30,000 affordable homes will be built over the five years of this parliament. All this points to one thing, this Government is working for Scotland; the people of Scotland; the future of Scotland.