Analysis Shows Single Market Essential For Paisley

Cost Of A Hard Tory Brexit: £2,300 Loss Per Person.


New economic impact analysis by the Scottish Government has confirmed that the best way to protect the local economy and household incomes in Paisley is through Scotland remaining in the Single Market and Customs Union.

Tom Arthur MSP, Derek MacKay MSP, George Adam MSP & Gavin Newlands MP

Failure by the Tory government to secure a Brexit deal would see Scotland take a £12.7 billion economic hit, equivalent to £2,300 per year for each person in Paisley. The analysis also shows that a ‘Canada-type’ deal with the EU, with limited access to the Single Market, would still leave people in Paisley £1,610 worse off per head.


Other key findings show that remaining in the Single Market could create new opportunities for the local economy in Paisley to flourish, and that continued freedom of movement is required to support economic growth. Local industries such as our NHS is dependent upon free movement. Figures show that EU citizens currently working in Paisley currently contribute an average of £10,400 in tax revenues.


Commenting, George Adam, Paisleys MSP said:


“The best way to protect the economy and jobs in Paisley is to ensure that Scotland remains within the European Single Market and Customs Union.


“This latest analysis by the Scottish Government shows just how important that is for people living in Paisley – who would be left £2,300 worse off in the result of a hard Brexit scenario that the Tories seem to be on course for.


“People in Paisley voted decisively to remain in the European Union. We’re almost two years on from the vote and they UK government has failed to provide certainty for businesses and our public services which rely on free trade and free movement with the rest of the EU.


“The decisions taken over the coming months will be absolutely vital for jobs and the future of the local economy in Paisley. Failing to back Scotland’s continued place in Europe would have serious consequences and would be an absolute tragedy for future generations.”


Scottish Parliament Backs Giving Scotland Choice Over Future

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, Says Tories Must Respect Holyrood’s Decision


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has said that the will of Scotland’s parliament must be respected by the UK government – after MSPs backed the Scottish Government’s plans to hold a referendum on independence after the terms of Brexit have become clear, but before it is too late for Scotland to choose a different future.


Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU last June, with 64.8% of voters in Renfrewshire voting to Remain. Yesterday, the Scottish Parliament pledged its support to giving the people of Scotland the right to choose between either a damaging Tory hard Brexit or Scottish independence.


Commenting, George said:

George Adam MSP

                      George Adam MSP


“The Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of holding an independence referendum, once the terms of Brexit are clear, to give people in Scotland a choice over their future. It is would be undemocratic, indefensible and completely unsustainable for the Tory government at Westminster to ignore the will of the Parliament and block a referendum.


“The Scottish Government has a cast-iron democratic mandate to bring forward a referendum on independence, giving the people of Scotland the right to choose a different future from the hard Brexit that the Tories are intent on delivering. The First Minister has set out a clear, fair timescale for a future vote – and it is up to the UK government to engage with the Scottish Government over this timing.


“The lack of respect afforded by the UK government to the Scottish Government’s compromise proposals sets a worrying precedent – and triggering Article 50 before securing the promised a UK-wide agreement proves that the Tory government has no interest in working with the other administrations across the UK.


“The Tories must not ride roughshod over the will of Scotland’s Parliament and drag Scotland out of the European single market against our will. To do so would be completely ignoring Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain as part of the EU.


“The Scottish Government is committed to standing up for Scotland’s interests and giving the people of Scotland a choice on this country’s future. Anything else would be simply undemocratic, and the Tories will rue the day that they stood in the way of giving the people a choice over their future.”


Breakdown of EU Referendum vote for Renfrewshire:
 Remain: 57,119 (64.8%)
Leave: 31,010 (35.2%)

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Scotland Welcomes its New First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland today welcomes its new First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon as Alex Salmond stands down after seven and a half years at the helm of the country. Emotional scenes in the Scottish Parliament yesterday seen Mr Salmond applauded in the chamber and cheered as he left the parliament for one last time as First Minister. With Nicola Sturgeon becoming the first female to lead the SNP, she now becomes the first female to the lead the Scottish Government.

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Speaking on the significant day in the history of the Scottish Parliament, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, commented, “It’s a sad day to no longer see Alex as First Minister of Scotland. Many of the 16 and 17 year olds voting in the election might not fully remember Scotland without him as First Minister. However, in his place steps one of the best politicians of her generation, Nicola Sturgeon.

‘I have known Nicola since our teenage years, spent in the Young Scottish Nationalists, now the Young Scots for Independence. Even in those early days, you could just tell she was going to go far. A more committed person to social justice and equality you will not meet. As the most prominent politician in the Yes campaign, she took us within inches of securing a Yes vote.

‘Now as leader of our great nation, could she be the one to deliver a Yes vote in the future, should the public demand another vote? We have all watched Nicola over the past seven and a half years in her role as Deputy First Minister. The team of Alex and Nicola has seen off 3 Labour leaders, 2 Tory leaders and 3 leaders of the Lib Dems. Her longevity at the forefront of Scottish politics in this day and age shows how capable she has been at doing her job effectively. I feel this is evidence enough to point to the fact that she will go on to be a great First Minister of our country.”

Scottish Government Debate – First Minister’s Statement (Post Referendum Debate)

George speaks in the first debate after the referendum.  First Minister Alex Salmond gave a statement to parliament regarding the referendum followed by a debate on his statement.

Childcare transformation will benefit 240,000 kids

George Adam MSPFollowing the publication of figures showing that in the past year alone the number of children in poverty grew by 30,000, the Paisley’s MSP is today highlighting the need to vote Yes for a better future.

While Westminster cuts threaten to push 100,000 more children in Scotland into poverty by 2020, a Yes vote means we can transform childcare, benefiting 240,000 children across the country.

Commenting on the news, George said, “Over the last year, 30,000 more children in Scotland have been pushed into poverty. This is not due to Scotland being independent, but the Westminster dividend that Better Together are so keen to talk about. If we as a nation allow Westminster to continue controlling our economy and welfare system, 100,000 more children face poverty by 2020. I take no pleasure in saying this, but the cold hard facts are that Scotland is being deeply affected by the Westminster’s ‘Project Austerity’.

‘I do not want independence just for the sake of it, I wholeheartedly believe that a Yes vote will deliver for the people of Scotland, we will be able to elect a government that we voted for which will take decisions in the best interests of Scotland’s people. We will finally have the powers we need to enable us to tackle poverty. The Scottish Government’s plans to transform childcare will benefit around 240,000 children and their families, as well as creating around 35,000 jobs.

‘Westminster cuts are not going to stop if Scotland votes no, we are going to give David Cameron the green light to cut further into the Scottish budget and go further with ‘Project Austerity’, not to mention spending £4bn a year on nuclear weapons.

‘France, Japan and the UK, what they have in common is that Scotland, per head is more prosperous nation that all three of them. As a wealthy country, we should be using that wealth to help the poorest in our society, by tackling poverty and transforming childcare. Only independence will give us the powers to do so.”

One million Scots in poverty 

The Scottish Government’s plans to transform childcare with independence are outlined in Scotland’s Future 

Shocking 209% Increase in Benefit Sanctions in Scotland

George Adam MSPFigures revealing that there has been a 209% increase in the number of benefit sanctions since 2006 have been described as a shocking demonstration of Westminster’s determination to penalise the least well off in society.

The figures show that the number of cases where a decision to sanction somebody’s benefits was made has more than tripled from 25,953 in 2006 to 80,305 in 2013. In that time, the single largest increase took place between 2012 and 2013, where there was an increase of 15,463 benefit sanctions in a single year.

The revelation of these figures comes just days after Inclusion Scotland’s Bill Scott blasted Westminster’s approach to benefits sanctions as “a crime against humanity”.

Commenting Paisley’s MSP George Adam said,

“What’s going on here? 209% increase in sanctions to our least well off? My office has been inundated with job seekers who for numerous, and questionable reason, have been sanctioned for anything up to 2 years. I had a constituent come to me who was sanctioned for not declaring he was going all the way to Aberdeen for two days to look for work.

“The strong words earlier this week from Bill Scott were a demonstration of the deep frustration at the damage that Westminster’s callous Welfare cuts are causing. The unholy alliance of Labour, Tories and Lib Dems can no longer perpetuate the myth that we are better and all in this together. Let’s remember, these sanctions are part of a wider ideological driven policy by the Tories to cut a further £12bn from the welfare budget.

“This is part of the Chancellors benefit cap, fully supported by his Labour allies. This is a Cabinet with a report personal wealth of around £70m, who make decisions about capping benefits for those on the lowest incomes. Better together?

“The anniversaries of the introduction of the Poll Tax and Bedroom Tax have brought home to people just how damaging Westminster’s decisions have been for Scotland.

“With a Yes vote in September we can tailor a welfare system to meet the needs of the people of Scotland and helps people into work.”

Job Cuts Always on the Cards After Privatisation

George at the Royal Mail Depot on Underwood RoadCommenting on the news Royal Mail plans to cut 1,600 jobs, Paisley’s MSP George Adam said:

“This is terrible news for the 1,600 staff affected, but sadly it is not surprising. As soon as you make a company’s sole priority all about making profits, they look to make saving no matter the human cost. The privatisation of the Royal Mail was a deeply flawed Westminster decision, opposed by the vast majority of Scottish MPs, MSPs and the public.

‘We need to remember this decision was taken without taking into consideration the particularly harmful consequences for Scotland, where so many of our rural communities and so much of our rural economy rely on the Royal Mail service.

‘It is clear that the only way for Scotland to have the postal service people want and deserve is with a Yes vote in September. With independence, the Scottish Government will bring Royal Mail back into public ownership where it belongs.”

George Welcomes Unemployment Falling Below 7%

George outside Paisley AbbeyPaisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed the latest official figures showing a rise in employment and a fall in unemployment in Scotland. Scotland’s unemployment rate has now reduced to 6.9% and remains lower than the UK rate of 7.2%. In addition to this, Scotland’s youth employment rate continues to be above the UK as a whole.

Commenting, George said, “These figures are more good news for the Scottish economy and are a welcome endorsement of the Scottish Government’s efforts to boost the economy and create jobs.

‘We again see Scotland outperforming the UK as a whole in both the employment and unemployment levels. This is in addition to our youth employment rate which continues to be above the UK as a whole. With just under 6 months till the vote on Scottish independence, these figure show that the Scottish Government is working hard for the people of Paisley to boost employment, cut unemployment and get young people working with the limited powers we currently have. Imagine what we could do with the full powers of independence.

‘Scotland’s Future set out the Scottish Government’s plans for a truly transformational universal childcare system, which would open the door for even more women to get back into the workplace. We have seen from the recent publication of Labour devolution commission, that unless we have a Yes vote on September 18th, we cannot guarantee that the Scottish Government will get the powers it needs to improve even further the job opportunities for the people of Paisley and Scotland.

‘With the limited powers of devolution, the Scottish Government has managed to mitigate the worst excesses of Westminster’s cuts. With independence, we will be able to take action to grow the economy, create more jobs and ensure that more women and young people have the opportunity to take them up.”