Scottish Parliament Backs Giving Scotland Choice Over Future

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, Says Tories Must Respect Holyrood’s Decision


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has said that the will of Scotland’s parliament must be respected by the UK government – after MSPs backed the Scottish Government’s plans to hold a referendum on independence after the terms of Brexit have become clear, but before it is too late for Scotland to choose a different future.


Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU last June, with 64.8% of voters in Renfrewshire voting to Remain. Yesterday, the Scottish Parliament pledged its support to giving the people of Scotland the right to choose between either a damaging Tory hard Brexit or Scottish independence.


Commenting, George said:

George Adam MSP

                      George Adam MSP


“The Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of holding an independence referendum, once the terms of Brexit are clear, to give people in Scotland a choice over their future. It is would be undemocratic, indefensible and completely unsustainable for the Tory government at Westminster to ignore the will of the Parliament and block a referendum.


“The Scottish Government has a cast-iron democratic mandate to bring forward a referendum on independence, giving the people of Scotland the right to choose a different future from the hard Brexit that the Tories are intent on delivering. The First Minister has set out a clear, fair timescale for a future vote – and it is up to the UK government to engage with the Scottish Government over this timing.


“The lack of respect afforded by the UK government to the Scottish Government’s compromise proposals sets a worrying precedent – and triggering Article 50 before securing the promised a UK-wide agreement proves that the Tory government has no interest in working with the other administrations across the UK.


“The Tories must not ride roughshod over the will of Scotland’s Parliament and drag Scotland out of the European single market against our will. To do so would be completely ignoring Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain as part of the EU.


“The Scottish Government is committed to standing up for Scotland’s interests and giving the people of Scotland a choice on this country’s future. Anything else would be simply undemocratic, and the Tories will rue the day that they stood in the way of giving the people a choice over their future.”


Breakdown of EU Referendum vote for Renfrewshire:
 Remain: 57,119 (64.8%)
Leave: 31,010 (35.2%)

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, Says Scotland Must Have Choice Over Future

BySaElpIUAAx-qtHard Brexit Means Option Of Independence Must Be Offered


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has said that it is absolutely correct and appropriate for the people of Scotland to be offered a choice, once the options become clear, between a Tory hard Brexit and becoming an independent country, after the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed plans to seek parliamentary approval to begin discussions with the UK government to bring forward an independence vote.


Ahead of the UK government’s triggering of Article 50 and the beginning of the process of leaving the EU, the First Minister said that the Westminster government has been guilty of complete intransigence in the face of Scottish Government attempts to find a compromise – and has continually acted against the best interests of Scotland, not least by ruling out membership of the single market without consulting the Scottish Government.

George Serious Paisley Town HallGeorge Adam, has said that it has become clear that the UK government has no intention of respecting Scotland’s 62% vote to remain in the EU and Renfrewshire’s 64% vote to remain in the EU.

Commenting, George Adam, said:


“Throughout the entire Brexit process to date, the Scottish Government has been consistent in its pursuit of a compromise with the UK government, putting forward substantial proposals for Scotland to remain in the single market – yet the UK government has rejected these and is pursuing an ever harder line.


“It is within this context, with the UK government intent on pursuing a damaging hard Brexit and set to trigger Article 50 without communicating with the devolved governments, that it has become ever clearer that the people of Scotland must be offered a choice over our future.


deputy-first-minister2 (1)“The SNP will always stand up for Scotland’s interests and we are intent on protecting Scotland’s place in the single market. The people of Scotland deserve to choose,  once the terms of Brexit are clear and before it is too late to decide our own path, honouring the manifesto pledge that we were elected on last year.

“Scotland now stands at a crossroads, and we cannot drift along for two years hoping for the best.  We face the real prospect of right-wing Tory governments until at least 2030 and being dragged out of the EU and Single Market with all the damage to our economy and society that will cause.” 


George outside Paisley's East End Branch of the Bank of Scotland

JOBS BLOW: 300 Paisley DWP workers give devastating news that the Lonend centre is closing

More than 300 people face the sack after Department of Work and Pensions bosses announced plans to close its centre in Paisley.

Trade unions and politicians reacted with fury at the latest jobs’ blow to affect Renfrewshire, coming on the back of Chivas’ announcement shedding 460 jobs, as well as Doosan Backcock’s shock decision to axe more than 300 workers at its Renfrew factory.

Staff at the Lonend site face compulsory redundancy from April with the administration centre closing for good by March 2018.

George outside Paisley's East End Branch of the Bank of Scotland

Trade union, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) last night voiced its anger at the announcement.

Paisley shop steward Colin Mack said: “We have more than 300 jobs at risk. I am shocked and disgusted by this decision.

“They are taking these jobs out of Paisley and leaving the staff without their livelihoods, where they have families, childcare, mortgages.

“The staff work really hard and they have been left reeling by this sudden and unexpected announcement. People here are really upset.”

He added redundancy talks are underway and will end by April with the centre closing for good from March 2018.

Union sources added the work is being transferred to a site in Glasgow, which remains unidentified to the workforce.

Scottish Government Debate – First Minister’s Statement (Post Referendum Debate)

George speaks in the first debate after the referendum.  First Minister Alex Salmond gave a statement to parliament regarding the referendum followed by a debate on his statement.

Childcare transformation will benefit 240,000 kids

George Adam MSPFollowing the publication of figures showing that in the past year alone the number of children in poverty grew by 30,000, the Paisley’s MSP is today highlighting the need to vote Yes for a better future.

While Westminster cuts threaten to push 100,000 more children in Scotland into poverty by 2020, a Yes vote means we can transform childcare, benefiting 240,000 children across the country.

Commenting on the news, George said, “Over the last year, 30,000 more children in Scotland have been pushed into poverty. This is not due to Scotland being independent, but the Westminster dividend that Better Together are so keen to talk about. If we as a nation allow Westminster to continue controlling our economy and welfare system, 100,000 more children face poverty by 2020. I take no pleasure in saying this, but the cold hard facts are that Scotland is being deeply affected by the Westminster’s ‘Project Austerity’.

‘I do not want independence just for the sake of it, I wholeheartedly believe that a Yes vote will deliver for the people of Scotland, we will be able to elect a government that we voted for which will take decisions in the best interests of Scotland’s people. We will finally have the powers we need to enable us to tackle poverty. The Scottish Government’s plans to transform childcare will benefit around 240,000 children and their families, as well as creating around 35,000 jobs.

‘Westminster cuts are not going to stop if Scotland votes no, we are going to give David Cameron the green light to cut further into the Scottish budget and go further with ‘Project Austerity’, not to mention spending £4bn a year on nuclear weapons.

‘France, Japan and the UK, what they have in common is that Scotland, per head is more prosperous nation that all three of them. As a wealthy country, we should be using that wealth to help the poorest in our society, by tackling poverty and transforming childcare. Only independence will give us the powers to do so.”

One million Scots in poverty 

The Scottish Government’s plans to transform childcare with independence are outlined in Scotland’s Future 

Paisley Can Make Its Mark Again on Declaration of Independence

Paisley has the opportunity to make its mark again on the constitution of a nation.  Paisley Buddies are well aware that John Witherspoon, a minister based at what is now the Paisley arts centre was one of the signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776.  The minister had moved to New Jersey after being contacted by a number of people impressed at his intellectual capabilities.


Everyone in Scotland will now have the opportunity to have their say on the Scottish Government’s draft bill for a ‘Scottish Declaration of Independence’.

The draft Scottish Independence Bill is now open for public consultation and includes details on how an independent Scotland could prepare a permanent written constitution in a fully participative process led by the people.

The Bill also sets out immediate arrangements for independence – such as the role of government, human rights and the rule of law – and would form the interim written constitution.

The fundamental principle underpinning the Bill is that the people are sovereign – rather than Parliament, as is the case in the UK. The United Kingdom is the only country in the European Union, and the only country in the Commonwealth, which does not currently have a written constitution or Constitution Act.

The interim constitution proposes an obligation to advance towards nuclear disarmament, the strengthening of human rights protection, the safeguarding of the wellbeing of children and protection for the particular needs of local government and island communities.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam said:


‘I am privileged to represent a town which has so much history , including individuals that signed the US declaration of independence.  We now have an opportunity to produce our own constitution determining the type of country we want.  One without nuclear weapons, ensuring that our priorities are listened to and ensured in a written constitution, something Scotland has never had.


‘We must grasp this opportunity that millions across the globe would love to have.  Making our own decisions, dealing with our priorities and ensuring that we are democratically represented by those that we vote for.  I would encourage everyone to consider contributing to the type of Scotland we want for our children and future generations’.

Coffee Morning with George

Come along and join George for a cuppa and discuss independence

Come along and join George for a cuppa and discuss independence

Paisley’s MSP George Adam is to host a coffee morning at the Sma Shot Cottage’s tea room on Saturday 30th November. This will be the first of many events George will look to host in order to speak to as many of his constituents as possible about the benefits of independence.

Commenting, George said, “We are less than a year away from the vote on Scottish Independence. I want to make myself as available as possible to discuss independence with my constituents. I firmly believe that it will make their lives better, as it will their children and grandchildren.

‘Next week is also the launch of the Scottish Government’s white paper on independence. I am sure this will give people a lot more information on what they will be voting for and I will be on hand at the Sma Shot Cottages from 12noon until 1:30pm to answer my constituents’ questions. So please feel to come along and share a cuppa and a biscuit with me and discuss the future of our nation.”

A Year to Go – Countdown to a Fairer Scotland

George AdamA Yes vote a year today will mean Scotland’s future will always be in Scotland’s hands – that was the resounding message in the Scottish Parliament today (18/9/13).

In a debate on Scotland’s Future, SNP MSPs described why voting Yes is the best option for Scotland, including:
• Scotland can more than afford to be independent and is one of the wealthiest countries per head in the world.
• Scotland will always get the government we elect.
• It is better for decisions about Scotland’s future are taken here in Scotland.
• With the full powers of independence we will be able to create a more prosperous and fairer country.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam, who spoke during the debate, said:

“This is a very exciting point in the debate, marking a year to go before the people of Scotland are given the biggest opportunity we have ever had.

“A Yes vote will allow the people of Scotland to build a more prosperous and fairer country, with the Governments we always choose and a society that reflects their values, their aspirations and their principles of economic and social justice.

“The choice is clear – Scotland can have good government with independence where policies reflect the wishes of the people of Scotland, or government from Westminster which gives us policies we reject.

“It means having the best of both worlds with an independent parliament and a relationship of equality with our friends and neighbours in the rest of the UK and these islands.

“It means Scotland will make the decisions on tax, welfare and economic policy – tools that will allow us to create a fairer and more prosperous country.

“More and more people are moving towards a Yes vote as evidence reveals the gains for people, families and communities when decisions are taken in Scotland.

“I believe people will grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and give ourselves the powers to build a better country, a more prosperous country and a fairer country.”