Paisley Legend Goes to Parliament

The Scottish Parliament has been graced by the depiction of a Paisley Legend.  A portrait of Tony Fitzpatrick, former player, captain, manager and now chief executive of St Mirren will now hang in the office of Paisley’s MSP, George Adam at the parliament.

The famous captain of the 1987 Scottish Cup winning is depicted in a painting produced by Garry Byars, a local Paisley artist.



George Adam MSP with local artist, Garry Byars

George said:

‘Everyone knows that I am a St Mirren fan and I must say that Tony has a place in my heart.  He was captain of our club at the age of 17, Alex Ferguson had seen his potential and his capability at a very young age.  He was also captain of the club in 1987 a very special time for all saints fans that were around at that time.

‘Tony is someone that is very well thought of in Paisley and throughout football.  It’s going to be a real pleasure having Garry’s artwork in my office for all to see.


Garry said:

‘It has been a double honour with Tony Fitzpatrick signing the painting, which went on auction at this year’s Sma Shot Day Festival and now to have it going to such a good home in George Adam’s office at The Holyrood Parliament is beyond my expectations. I would like to say thanks to George and to St Mirren for making 2016 a very exceptional year.

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Make Sure You Have a Say in Your Country’s Future

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has today backed a new campaign encouraging voters missing from the electoral roll in Paisley to register to vote in time for the Scottish Parliament election.

A new campaign launched today by Shelter Scotland and the Electoral Commission is aimed at encouraging those living in rented or temporary accommodation and homeless people to sign up to vote.

Figures published by the Electoral Commission show that only 63.3% of people who rent from a private landlord were registered to vote in 2014, compared to 93.6% of those who own their home outright and 89.3% who own their home with a mortgage.

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Commenting, George said:

“This is a very welcome campaign and I commend Shelter Scotland and the Electoral Commission’s work – nobody in Paisley should find themselves disenfranchised simply because of their living situation and it’s important that we do everything we can to ensure as many people as possible are signed up to vote.

“One of the great successes of the independence referendum in Paisley was the level of engagement and voter participation that swept across our communities in the weeks and months before September 18th.

“Never before have so many people signed up to have their say in the democratic process in Scotland – it is vitally important that we aim to retain this level of voter participation as we move in to the Scottish Parliament election campaign.

“The Scottish Parliament election is about how we keep Paisley and Scotland moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made since 2007 – and it’s vitally important that everyone’s voice is heard as Scotland’s national debate takes place over the next 100 days.”

Notes to editors

Further details of the campaign can be found by clicking here. 

The deadline to register to vote in time for the Scottish Parliament election is April 18th and the online link can be found by clicking here.

George Is Paisley’s Candidate!

Paisley SNP Constituency Association has confirmed George Adam as its candidate for the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election. George, who has been Paisley’s MSP for the past 4 years will seek re-election to continue his work of representing his constituents and promoting our town locally and nationally. George, who is Paisley born and breed, lives in Paisley with his wife Stacey and is not only our local MSP, but chairman of the St Mirren Independent Supporters Association (SMiSA) and honorary president of Paisley Pirates Ice Hockey Club, to name but a few things George is involved with in our local community.

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

George and Nicola outside Paisley Abbey

Speaking after his selection, George said, “It has been the privilege of a life time to spend the last 4 years representing my home town in the Scottish Parliament. When I was elected on 5th May 2011 in the wee hours of the morning, I made a commitment to the people of Paisley that I would stand up for everyone in my constituency, both those that voted for me and those that didn’t.

“I am here to represent you no matter your political affiliation. Since that night, I have worked every day to raise out towns profile and promote Paisley, highlighting everything it has to offer. It is a standing joke in the Scottish Parliament that I will mention Paisley, St Mirren, Paisley Buddies in every speech I make. Now my colleagues may find this amusing, but that’s what I’m there to do, talk up Paisley and bring attention to the numerous great people and places we have in this historic town.

George with SNP members on the night he was selected as the SNP Candidate for the forthcoming Scottish Parliament Election

George with SNP members on the night he was selected as the SNP Candidate for the forthcoming Scottish Parliament Election

“By seeking re-election, I ask the people of Paisley to again put their trust in me to effectively represent Paisley in our nation’s Parliament. Months of hard campaign are ahead and I relish the opportunity of speaking to as many of my constituents as possible, out and about in our town centre, on the doorstep and throughout our town, putting forward a positive message of how I will continue to promote our town and stand up for the people of Paisley.”