More Investment for Paisley Gilmour Street

 George getting on board.

Gilmour Street train station is set to receive more investment from the SNP Government this year with the installation of Wi-Fi for passengers.  This comes on top of the £9 million renovation at the station and the £12 million upgrade of the Canal Street line showing the Government commitment to infrastructure improvement for Paisley.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam stated:

‘Once again we are receiving investment in Paisley from the Scottish Government.  This will not only improve infrastructure for Buddies but will help commuters and businesses throughout the west of Scotland.  It is fitting that as one of Scotland’s major railway stations Gilmour Street was announced as one of the first to receive Wi-Fi services.

‘This is the sort of support that helps businesses, makes journeys more pleasant and in a lot of cases more productive.  Another example of moving our nation forward with innovation and technology.’

In the latest phase of the move towards providing Wi-Fi services on Scotland’s trains and stations, Gilmour Street has been named as one of 25 stations in Scotland that will see the service installed by December this year.

The SNP Government has promised to ensure that Wi-Fi facilities are available on trains and stations across Scotland’s rail network by 2019 and work is already under way to install these services with 59 ScotRail trains expected to be equipped with Wi-Fi by the end of 2013.

MSP Welcome Massive Boost to Scottish Infrastructure

George Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has heralded the news of the massive investment to Scottish infrastructure announced today by Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment.

 Mr Adam said, “The announcement today of £60billion of capital investment to drive growth in our country is tremendous news. Roads, rail, energy and Scotland’s next generation of broadband have all been given a massive boost. Paisley is already experiencing investment in the shape of the refurbishment to Gilmour Street Station and the improvements to our rail link with Glasgow.

 ‘As a country, we will all benefit from the Next Generation Broadband Action Plan which will deliver the next generation of broadband by 2020, ensuring future innovation in our digital economy and supporting businesses, ensuring they stay competitive in the global digital environment.  In addition, major investment will be undertaken to upgrade Scotland’s electricity grid, making sure we can deliver our energy potential, especially with our capacity to produce so much renewable energy.

 ‘We are investing in our water supply, with Scottish Water actively improving our drinking water. 55 schools will be replaced or refurbished to help our children learn in a more modern environment. On top of that, 30,000 affordable homes will be built over the five years of this parliament. All this points to one thing, this Government is working for Scotland; the people of Scotland; the future of Scotland.