Council Challenged on Litter

George on Abbey BridgeGeorge has today written to the Director of Environmental Services at Renfrewshire Council at demand immediate action in the clean of litter from Paisley’s streets and town centre. An alarming amount of George’s constituents have alerted George to this problem over recent weeks.

On the issue, George commented, “I have recently noticed and been made aware of by many of my constituents that there appears to be a decrease in the amount our streets are being tidied and litter picked. I work in the town centre and live in Paisley’s east end and have notice a significant increase in the amount of litter lying about. Constituents from Whitehaugh, Hunterhill, Foxbar and Lochfield have also commented on the lack of cleaning within their areas and within the town centre.

‘I always thought believed that the previous council administration and environmental services in Paisley work well to make sure our streets were clean and tidy. However, recently, I have been dismayed to see the decline in the previous standards which were set.

‘In addition, I have asked the more dog refuse bins are provided within our streets. We all accept that the onus is on the dog owner to dispose of the waste responsibly, however, having more of this bins will make it much easier for them to do so. Action needs to be taken on these issues and I will continue to work with all parties involved to get the job done.”