George Adam MSP Backs Charity’s Campaign Calling On Restaurants To Consider Customers With Hearing Loss

George Adam MSP is backing a charity campaign calling on restaurants across Paisley to consider improving their acoustics for customers who have hearing loss.


As part of its Speak Easy campaign, Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is highlighting that high levels of background music or the buzz of loud chatter between customers can cause difficulties for people who use hearing aids to follow conversations with their fellow diners.


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said: “Everyone loves going out for a meal but Action on Hearing Loss Scotland tell me they are often contacted by people who are hard of hearing about intrusive levels of background noise, exacerbated by hard surfaces, which can create real difficulties in hearing their dining companions.

“I’m pleased to support the charity’s Speak Easy campaign which is encouraging customers with hearing loss to give feedback to restaurants so that they can consider the many small but very effective ways in which they can be more accessible.”


Delia Henry, Director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “Restaurants in Paisley which may be inadvertently deterring customers with hearing loss from making bookings can significantly improve their accessibility by reducing the volume of background noise in perhaps parts of their venue, using soft furnishings that better absorb sound, and by considering investing in better acoustic treatments.”


The charity’s campaign is also urging customers to leave reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor to help others to decide if the restaurants they have visited are suitable for hard of hearing people.

Action on Hearing Loss’s Speak Easy campaign pack can be downloaded

Paisley’s MSP Welcomes Bill to Tackle Misuse of Blue Badges


George Adam, Stacey, Dennis and Mr QGeorge Adam has welcomed the proposals for a new Bill by Dennis Robertson MSP.  The Bill plans to give local authorities the power to cancel badges which have been reported lost or stolen and confiscate badges that are being misused, as well as provide a review process for applicants when their application is refused on eligibility grounds.


The Scottish Government is supporting Dennis Robertson MSP in the development of the Bill to strengthen enforcement of the blue badge scheme.


George said;


‘The misuse of blue badges is unacceptable.  My wife Stacey has a blue and has personally experienced times when badges have been misused by third parties, preventing her from accessing disabled parking bays.


‘The badges must be used in the proper manner allowing access for individuals with disabilities to get on with their day to day lives.  They should only be used by those entitled to them and these proposals will ensure that enforceable sanctions can be carried out on those that deliberately make life more difficult for those with disabilities.’


UN to Investigate Bedroom Tax in Scotland

George outside Paisley Abbey

It has been revealed that the United Nations (UN) have launched a probe in to the Bedroom Tax due to concerns about human rights.  The tax which targets those on housing benefit affects over 80,000 households in Scotland, a huge proportion of which are homes with a person who has disabilities.


Speaking on the news, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


‘I do not receive housing benefit but my wife Stacey is a wheelchair user.


‘I know the space her equipment takes up and this Bedroom Tax is a bare faced attack on the disabled.


‘The Tories want disabled people to move in to homes that cannot possibly store the equipment needed for them to have a relatively normal life.


‘They expect disabled people to live in homes that are 24hr obstacle courses for people with mobility problems.


‘No wonder the UN are investigating. 


‘This week Ed Milliband stated once again that Labour will not abolish the Bedroom Tax.


‘To my total disgust Labour MSP Iain Grey stated in Parliament this week that the reason there was a Scottish Parliament was to combat such policies at Westminster.


‘No Iain, the reason for the Scottish Parliament is to represent the people of Scotland and the nation’s best interests.  That is what we should be doing, not battling an uncaring Westminster that has no interest in Scotland or those in need.


‘If Better Together means turning the Parliament in to an organisation to protect Scotland against Westminster then Labour needs to have a hard look at itself.


‘Independence is the only way we can deliver for the people of Scotland without the need to protect ourselves from another parliament that in no way shows that we are better together.’



More information can be found here in the Guardian.