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Local Recorded Crime Falls Under SNP Government

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has welcomed latest figures that show a steep decline in recorded crime across Paisley since the SNP came to power in 2007.


Recorded crime in Renfrewshire has fallen by 42% in the ten years between 2006/07 and 2015/16, part of a nationwide fall of 41%. George believes this shows the success of SNP policies in policing and justice.George cart landscape


Commenting, George said:


“These are welcome figures that show a steep fall in recorded crime in the period since the SNP entered office in 2007 – and shows that SNP policies, such as having more police officers, have made our communities safer.


“It is excellent to see a decline in recorded crime of 42% across Renfrewshire, part of a Scotland-wide picture that shows an overall fall of 41% since 2006/07.


“Having safe communities where everyone feels welcome are vital to creating the Scotland that we all want to see – and these figures show that, under the SNP, we have made significant progress in achieving this goal.”

Massive Crime Reduction

George outside Paisley AbbeyA study and analysis of 12,000 individuals across Scotland has revealed that people are feeling safer in their communities and more importantly the likelihood of being a victim of crime has decreased.


The latest Scottish Crime and Justice Survey has been released and revealed:

• Crime continues to fall, dropping by 22 per cent since 2008-09

• The risk of being a victim of a crime has fallen from 20.4 per cent in 2008/09 to 16.9 per cent in 2012/13

• The risk of crime is lower in Scotland (16.9 per cent) than in England and Wales where the victimisation rate was 18.7 per cent in 2012-13

• Violent crime is on a long-term downward trend, falling by 25 per cent since 2008-09

• Three quarters of adults (76 per cent) perceived the crime rate in their local area to have stayed the same or reduced in the past two years compared to 69 per cent in 2008-09.

• Fear of crime is decreasing – 72 per cent of those surveyed felt safe walking alone in their local area after dark in 2012-13, an increase from 66 per cent in 2008-09

• However people continue to believe the likelihood of being a victim of crime is higher than the reality – in most cases the perceived risk is two or three times higher than actual risk and for some crimes such as mugging or car theft the perceived risk was 20 times higher.

• Confidence in the police is increasing – 73 per cent of people were very or fairly confident in the police to investigate incidents and 61 per cent thought the police were doing a good or excellent job in their local area

• Confidence in the justice system continues to improve with all comparable measures increasing between 2008-09 and 2012-13


Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


‘We continue to hear about crime being at its lowest for almost forty years but it is only with detailed analysis that this can be proven.


‘Crime falling by 22% since 2009 is quite a staggering figure with the 1000 extra bobbies on the beat playing their part.


‘In these days with rolling 24 hour news being filled with every bit of information that can be found can play its part in the perception of law and order.  These figures show that even the perception of being at the wrong end of crime has dramatically fallen too.


‘We must never be complacent.  We must all play our part as citizens to ensure that law and order prevails but we should appreciate everyone’s efforts, including the police, which has produced the results of this study,’


Crime at 39 Year Low

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Recorded crime is now at a 39 year low recent figures have revealed. These figures reveal that the last time that crime was this low Richard Nixon was President, Kojak was one of the top TV series and the Bay City Rollers were in the charts.


 Speaking on the figures Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


 ‘It was thought a few years ago that it would be difficult to reduce crime any further. These figures show how seriously crime is taken by the government.


 ‘In 2007 the SNP was elected with a pledge of 1000 extra police on the beat. It is no coincidence that crime has continued to fall since then. This increase not only gives peace of mind, it is a valuable presence which deters crime.


 ‘The SNP were the only party to make this proposal. The Labour party said it would take 13 years to implement. Well thank goodness we have an SNP government if that is Labour’s work rate, or were they just making claims that were less than accurate?


 ‘I’m sure that everyone will agree with me in congratulating our police service in this record reduction in crime and I’m sure all of us will help them in continuing this crime breaking trend.’


Commenting on the figures, Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said:


‘Today’s statistics show that Scotland’s communities are becoming safer places to live, with recorded crime falling for the sixth year in a row to its lowest level for 39 years.


‘We are continuing to work tirelessly to reduce knife crime and violence in Scotland, and believe education and prevention are key to tackling the root causes of violence. That’s why we are investing in the No Knives, Better Lives initiative – now in 11 areas across Scotland – and why we work with other key partners like the Violence Reduction Unit and Medics Against Violence. Together, we are working hard to change attitudes to violence and knife crime – making it clear that it is never acceptable.


‘We are also taking a robust approach to enforcement –sentences for carrying a knife in Scotland are the toughest in the UK and our prosecutors are taking a zero tolerance approach. Today’s figures show these united efforts to tackle knife crime are beginning to pay off, but there will be no complacency.


‘While today’s overall statistics are encouraging, it is concerning to see that the number of sexual offences recorded by police have increased by five per cent. This may be down to increased reporting but the public should be assured that the Scottish Government, police and prosecutors take the investigation and prosecution of these traumatic crimes extremely seriously and are taking action to address them.

‘At a Government level, we have strengthened the law around sex crimes by bringing in the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009. We are also giving £3.6 million funding to support victims of rape from 2012-15. Just yesterday, I met with the Rape and Sexual Crime External Advisory Group which now operates across Police Scotland and works closely with police officers to help inform and improve rape investigations. Meanwhile, the Scottish Police Service has launched a new National Rape Taskforce to further improve the investigation of rape and other sexual crimes right across the country.’



George AdamWelcoming the publication of Strathclyde Police’s Annual Report 2011/12, showing a sharp drop in violent crime across the region, SNP MSP for Paisley George Adam, said:

“These figures are testament to the hard work of police officers across Strathclyde, and to the SNP Government who has helped deliver record police numbers in Strathclyde and across Scotland.

“Just this week it was revealed that there are almost five hundred more police in Strathclyde than when the SNP took office – this is real progress and is delivering real results.

“Serious assaults are down from 3,028 to 2,530 and cases of robbery and assault with intent to rob fell from 1,488 to 1,246.

“Recorded crime across Scotland is at a 35-year low, fear of crime is down, and the risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland is falling and is lower than in England and Wales.

“Contrast this with the bleak picture south of the border, where 16000 police jobs are being cut and the Home Secretary was slow handclapped at the Police Federation Conference.

“There is no room for complacency but the huge effort made by police across Strathclyde is paying off.”

Notes: Link to Strathclyde Police’s annual report statistical bulletin