Poll Shows Importance of Bus Passes to Paisley’s Elderly

George and Transport Minister, Keith Brown MSPAges Scotland’s sister charity, Age UK, has revealed the benefit concessionary bus passes are having on older people’s lives in England. 93% of elderly people who own a concessionary bus pass in England say their life would be adversely affect without it.

Speaking on the poll, Paisley’s MSP George Adam commented, “This poll validates the SNP’s commitment to concessionary travel and ensuring that older people are able to remain independent and lead fulfilling lives.

‘During my time as a councillor and now as Paisley’s MSP, I have met with seniors forums, disability groups and constituents and the message is clear, they need their passes and they want to keep them. My message back is simple, under a SNP government; you have nothing to worry about.

‘93% of people with the bus pass in England say they would be worse off without it. Those surveyed have made it clear that this scheme is a priority for them and something that they don’t want to lose. I truly hope Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont takes stock of these figures before she announces that concessionary bus passes are one of the things to be cuts in Labours cut commission.

‘We all have friends and family who benefit from the concessionary travel scheme and long may this continue.”