Paisley’s MSP Welcomes Bill to Tackle Misuse of Blue Badges


George Adam, Stacey, Dennis and Mr QGeorge Adam has welcomed the proposals for a new Bill by Dennis Robertson MSP.  The Bill plans to give local authorities the power to cancel badges which have been reported lost or stolen and confiscate badges that are being misused, as well as provide a review process for applicants when their application is refused on eligibility grounds.


The Scottish Government is supporting Dennis Robertson MSP in the development of the Bill to strengthen enforcement of the blue badge scheme.


George said;


‘The misuse of blue badges is unacceptable.  My wife Stacey has a blue and has personally experienced times when badges have been misused by third parties, preventing her from accessing disabled parking bays.


‘The badges must be used in the proper manner allowing access for individuals with disabilities to get on with their day to day lives.  They should only be used by those entitled to them and these proposals will ensure that enforceable sanctions can be carried out on those that deliberately make life more difficult for those with disabilities.’


Blue Badge Consultation Launched – Have Your Say!

George with wife Stacey, Dennis Robetson MSP with his trusty sidekick Mr Q  A consultation has been launched to ask for your views on strengthening the current law relating to the Blue Badge Scheme in Scotland. George recently met up with Dennis Robertson MSP who has launched the member’s bill on Blue Badges to discuss his views on the matter. Dennis, who is blind and is accompanied everywhere by his trust guide dog, Mr Q, believes that the current laws around Blue Badge use are not strong enough and wants changes to be made.

Speaking on the launch of the consultation, George said, “Many of you will know that my wife Stacey suffers from MS. This entitles her to a Blue Badge, however often it is difficult to find a space close to our destination, meaning we have to park a good distance away from shops and other places. This bill aims to give authorities more powers to enforce the use of Blue Badges and makes it easier if you have a disability to find a parking space closer to your work, place of education or when on a leisure outing.

“The purpose of the consultation is to hear the views of those you have a Blue Badge as their views on this issue will be key to getting the new law right. Hence I would urge anyone interested in taking part in the consultation. This can be found at .

George’s wife Stacey, who has a Blue Badge commented, “It is always so frustrating when I can’t get a space close to where I’m going. In city and town centres, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a space close to my destination. I often venture out with my mum during the day and the further away we are from the shops, the further she has to push me in my chair. I am lucky that I have family who can help me but I know others with a disability how venture out by themselves and struggle to get to and from their car as they often have to park a fair distance away when getting from A to B.

‘I was glad to meet Dennis, and MR Q, to take about the issues we both face and I hope that this new bill will have a big impact on those of us with a disability.”

Further background information on the use and blue of the Blue Badge Scheme can be found at: