Supermarkets Target Award Winners (Heading for 90 Years in Paisley!)

Award winning Paisley ice cream manufacturer, Porrelli’s, have been based in the town for almost 90 years. The successful family run company distributes their products throughout the country, as well as supplying many of the large supermarket chains, giving everyone a a chance to taste what the company has to offer.

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, visited the family establishment:

‘I was delighted to visit Enzo, his wife Ines, daughter Serena and the rest of the team that are making the Paisley business a success story.

‘Porrelli’s, based in Lacy Street, is one of the most impressive facilities that I have visited. Enzo was able to show me the results of the huge investment that he has made in to the business, not only showing great commitment to our town, but impressing the large supermarkets who have struck deals to get Porrelli’s ice cream on their shelves.

‘Having been provided with a small sample of their ice cream I can say it is a quality product, but one thing that really caught my eye was the range of flavours that the company has developed. Iron Brew, Scottish Tablet, Raspberry Pavlova, a truly brilliant Scot’s-Italian cross-over.

‘From what I’ve seen this business will continue to collect awards and be a beacon and an ambassador for Paisley.’

Company Director Enzo Durante said:

‘I am delighted that George took the time to come and see our purpose built factory and to meet the team here. Porrelli’s are committed to growing the business, securing employment for local people and then economic benefits that go along with it.’

Porrelli’s was established in Paisley in 1925, almost 90 years ago. The ice cream manufacturer has won numerous trade awards for their products including a Bronze award and a Special Diploma of Merit from the UK National Trade Awards.