George’s words on Scottish Independence 

I have been a supporter of independence for as long as I can remember. Alex Salmond said:

‘The fundamental reason for being independent is that Scotland is a nation and nations are better when they govern themselves.’

This short statement seems self evident to me. The people best placed to make the decisions about Scotland are those in the country. At this time, with tough economic decisions being made, the Scottish Government cannot make the economic choices to grow the economy, the main borrowing powers, taxes, benefits and defence are reserved matters which means that they are made at Westminster.

At the present time the UK is the twelfth wealthiest nation in the world. If Scotland was independent Scotland would rise to the sixth wealthiest nation, well ahead of the remainder of the UK. These figures are calculated by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The economic argument is no longer the issue. The SNP have introduced free tuition fees, free prescriptions, 1000 extra police, the lowest crime figures for 34 years. With the full powers of an independent nation we could do so much more.

Independence is about making Scotland more successful. Working towards a just and outward looking country, taking to the world stage as an equal to the other 200 nations in the world, 150 of which were established after the second world war.

Independence is the natural state for countries. With more and more nations becoming independent, making decisions on their own behalf, it is time for Scotland to take its place along side them.

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