The Scottish Government has published COVID-19: Scotland’s Strategic Framework which sets out how Scotland will work to suppress the virus and the reasoning behind the decisions the government has made will need to make moving forward.

The framework is rooted in tackling the four harms we know the virus causes and sets out the proposal to move from the current Route Map approach to a strategic approach based on five levels of protection – each with graduated packages of measures to reduce transmission of the virus – that can be applied locally or nationally, according to the evolving patterns of infection and virus transmission.

The Scottish Government will engage with the Scottish Parliament on the detail of the framework, and put this to a debate and vote next week.

George Adam, Paisley’s MSP, said:

“This strategic framework and five tiered approach emphasises the Scottish Government’s detailed and thorough response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and highlights their continued commitment to protecting our NHS and saving the lives of Scottish people across the country.

“The proposals, set to be debated in parliament next week, aim to support our health and social care services; mitigate the social harms caused by the continued restrictions; support the economy and the devastating impact the past seven months have had on businesses, and ultimately suppress the virus to the lowest possible level while striving to return our everyday lives to some semblance of normality.

“As Paisley’s MSP, I want the absolute best for my constituents and our town, and I completely understand how hard this year has been for everyone. But throughout all the challenges we’ve faced so far, I’ve witnessed a tremendous sense of community spirit and I know our town will continue to rally together and help each other weather the continued difficulties caused by this crisis.

“As we move forward we must all resolve to do our part so our health and care services, communities, and economy can best be protected – and the best way to ensure that is to follow the necessary protective measures, take care of ourselves and look out for each other.

“Above all we must remember a better future lies ahead and I certainly am looking forward to the day we will all be reunited again.”

Further information and the complete strategic framework can be found at