Scottish Government Funding Brings Paisley Town Centre Back to Life

Paisley’s MSP George Adam has hailed the Scottish Government’s latest investment in Paisley Town Centre as the iconic Russell Institute is returned to its former glory. £2m of government money has helped support the restoration currently in progress. The Russell Institute, was donated by to Paisley by Agnes Russell and built in memorial to her two brothers.IMG_2717

Commenting on the restoration, George said, “The Russell Institute is one of Paisley’s finest and most iconic buildings. It is very important that we do not lose buildings like this and that is why it was so important that the Scottish Government provided £2m in funding to help with the restoration. In fact, it was a good number of years ago that working in partnership with the Paisley Development Trust, we came up with plans for the future of the building and undertook a feasibility study, investigating how we could give this building a new lease of life.

“After the renovation, the Scottish Government agency Skills Development Scotland will be the anchor tenant. This has been a massive undertaking by everyone involved and a massive thanks must go to all, but especially the Paisley Development Trust for having the drive and foresight to not allow this building to become another historic building lying empty for years.

“At the same time as the restoration of the Russell Institute, we see another £1.83m of Scottish Government money being used to restore the Arrnots building, while Scottish Government money has been provided to build the new flats on the same site. And just announced today, all 32 of Scotland’s councils will share £406 million in grant subsidy in 2016/17 to deliver more affordable homes, over £100 million more than last years’ allocation. This can only bode well for the our town and I hope the local authority does it upmost to secure as mush funding as possible for Paisley.”