Scotland’s Future – Your Choice

Yes PaisleyScotland’s Future is in Scotland’s hands – that was the message today at the Scottish Government’s white paper launch on independence.  The purpose of the paper is to create a nation where decisions are made for the people of Scotland to create a wealthier more socially just Scotland.

Speaking on the launch, George Adam MSP stated:

‘It will come as no surprise that this launch is a very special moment for me and for the many individuals who have campaigned for independence.

‘I know that if Scotland was independent the Paisley and its residents would be better off.  Why?

‘For the past 5 years the equivalent of every man woman and child in Scotland has paid Westminster £2,400 more than we got back from Westminster.

‘These are not my figures, they are Westminster figures produced from the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report.

‘This overpayment has been happening for the past 30 years.

‘We are paying to have nuclear weapons dumped on the Clyde.  The people of Scotland pay for this £167 million pounds every year for this privilege.

’We don’t get the governments we vote for at Westminster and we get stuck with the Poll Tax and the Bedroom Tax as a result.

‘We can make this nation much better and ensure that Paisley can flourish.

‘I urge everyone to take the time to look at Scotland’s Future and make their own decision.




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Visit the Scottish Parliament website or the Scottish Government website to view the white paper or download an ebook format.