No Remembrance School Parade This Year

George with Paisley Comrades Club Parade Commander, Gerry Mulholland

George with Paisley Comrades Club Parade Commander, Gerry Mulholland

Since former Provost Celia Lawson introduced the School Remembrance Parade on the Friday before the traditional Sunday wreath laying, the Paisley Comrades Club have been an integral part of the parade. However, this year’s school parade has been cancelled with the school children attending an event in the Paisley Museum instead. This change was brought to the attention of Paisley MSP, George Adam by Paisley Comrades Club Parade Commander Gerry Mulholland.

Commenting on the news, George said, “Many members of the Paisley Comrades Club take the day off work to attend this parade. As a member of the Paisley Comrades Club, I understand just who much the time of year means to them. Since the School Parades inception, Gerry and others have been heavily involved, leading the parade and ensuring young people understand the importance of this day.

‘Regrettably, this year, Renfrewshire Council have failed to communicate with the Comrades and have decided to cancel the parade and wreath laying; instead Renfrewshire Council have laid on an event in the Paisley Museum. This is unfortunate and extremely disappointing as this event has been appreciated by everyone in the past. I have written to the Director of Education and Leisure within Renfrewshire Council asking why they have decided to forget to include the members of the Paisley Comrades Club at this important time of year.”

After writing to Renfrewshire Council regarding this issue, George received a reply which instead of giving firm answers, added to the confusion.

George commented, ““I am bemused as to how Renfrewshire Council can say that as a result of not parading from the Town Hall, the logistics of parading the pupils to the cenotaph would have been challenging both from a safety and practical point of view. As the event being held is in Paisley Museum, parading from there would seem to be safer than parading from the town hall. Leaving from the museum would mean a short walk on the pavement to the pedestrianized High Street, then straight down to the cenotaph. Leaving from the town hall means navigating one of the busiest streets in Paisley.

‘Further, I have been told that the town hall was fully booked for a conference that day and that no other suitable locations for their assembly and briefing were available. This beggars belief as the Paisley Museum, where they are holding their event is available and is a mere few minutes’ walk away from the cenotaph. Something doesn’t add up.”