Record High Figures for College Numbers and Attainment

George outside Paisley Abbey

 Figures released by the Scottish Funding Council have shown that more 16-24 year olds than ever are working on full time college courses. These statistics show that colleges are exceeding the annual commitment of 116,000 full time equivalent places. This is an educational record for college student numbers between the ages of 16 and 24.

 Speaking on the figures, George Adam said:

 ‘These figures show how colleges are meeting and exceeding targets that will help our young people be ready for the work force when they leave college to meet today’s challenges.

 ‘Too often we are pointed towards the negatives and don’t recognise the great work that our colleges are doing everyday.

 ‘Reid Kerr is a prime example of a college on our doorstep doing great work, including courses on new renewable energy opportunities, giving our young people the tools to meet the work challenges of the future, matching employer’s needs. I have had the privilege of visiting the college many times, meeting the Principal Audrey Cumberford who has a vision for the future of the college and its students.

 ‘These figures are good news but we must never be complacent in order to meet the needs of our young people and employers.’

 Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

 ‘I pay tribute to the role of colleges in delivering Opportunities for All, our unique guarantee of a place in training or education – their part here in providing learning for young people cannot be underestimated.

 ‘Not only are our student numbers targets being exceeded, but more young people than ever before are benefiting from full time courses and more are successfully completing their studies. This is especially true for young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

 ‘Our commitment to the FE sector is clear. We have increased funding by £61 million over the spending review period, compared to plans in the draft budget statement and we are giving the sector the necessary framework for better college governance through the Post 16 Education Bill. Today’s figures show we are creating an improved college system from a position of real strength.’



The FTE figures used in this release are for Scottish Government funded places.


These figures are taken from two reports published by the Scottish Funding Council:

* Scotland’s Colleges: A Baseline Report for Academic Year 2011-12

* College Performance Indicators 2011-12


Alongside this, the SFC has also published a report on ‘HE Students Eligible for Funding 2012-13’


These figures can be accessed at: