RBS to Close in Paisley

The Paisley Eastern Branch of the RBS is to close according to a statement by the bank.  The statement says that the closure is due to the bank being used less by customers, and they have also claimed that they will help customers to be able to use services via the post office on Glasgow Road.

Speaking on the decision Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said;

‘To tell you the truth I am sick to the back teeth of this bank.  Bailed out to the tune of billions, owned by the public, you and I, with an 84% share.  We are the major shareholders in this bank.

‘Not only have we had to bail out these risk takers who caused the financial crisis, we are now suffering Westminster cuts from the Tories because of them.  Not just because times are tough, because of the Tory agenda to target those in need, to cut their money and forcing the disabled out to work.

‘Now we have to put up with the closure of the east-end branch of the bank.  Reducing services, and what about the jobs?

‘I will be making strong representation to the bank to tell them exactly what I think of their decision, without discussion with local people and their shareholders.  You and I.’