Poll Shows Further Progress for the SNP

According to the most recent poll for voting intentions in the Holyrood elections the SNP has advanced to its highest ever levels.  The survey by TNS surveyed

George outside Paisley Town Hall

George outside Paisley Town Hall

1062 people and asked them their voting intentions in the constituency and list votes for next year’s election.  Support for the SNP in the constituency vote was recorded as 62%, some 44% above Labour.  In the list vote the SNP were at 54% compared to their nearest rivals again at 20%.


Speaking on the survey Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said:


‘This is a positive poll for the SNP which seems to show that the progressive polices we are taking forward are the right way to go about things.


‘We must remember that these things are just a snap shot of opinion and as we have seen before the pollsters don’t always get it right.  The Scottish Government have a track record that has developed trust and with our new MPs we are leading the opposition against continued Tory cuts and austerity hitting those most in need.


‘We must continue to lead the way showing that to grow the economy you must invest or you will just strip bare any shoots of new growth.’




The Herald report on the poll is here: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13585130.Poll__landslide_Holyrood_victory_for_SNP_predicted_as_support_for_party_increases_to_62_/