Following the First Minister’s announcement of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government 2021/22; George Adam, Paisley’s MSP, has praised the SNP for committing to another progressive, ambitious and forward thinking year ahead.

The Programme for Government commits billions of pounds to tackle the challenges and grasp the opportunities facing Scotland as we come through the difficulties of the past year and look to the future – and epitomises the better Scotland the First Minister pledged is only “waiting to be built”.

At the heart of the agenda is to establish a caring nation by setting out a new vision for health and social care; to create a land of opportunity by supporting young people and promoting a fairer and more equal society; to secure a net zero nation by ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change in a just and fair way; to build an economy that works for all of Scotland’s people and places by putting sustainability, wellbeing and fair work at the heart of our economic transformation, and to enable us all to live better and healthier lives by supporting thriving, resilient and diverse communities.

In order to do this, the Scottish Government have committed to increasing frontline health spending each year by 20% so it is at least £2.5 billion higher by 2026-27, and increase primary spend by 25% over the course of this Parliament. This is complemented by commitments to invest at least £1.8 billion to make Scotland’s homes and buildings more efficient and easier to heat; doubling the Scottish Child Payment as quickly as possible, and restarting work on a detailed prospectus for an Independent Scotland.

George said:

“This is an ambitious policy programme from the Scottish Government which has clear commitments to deliver a better life for people across our town – and indeed for the whole of Scotland.

“It addresses the challenges that the last 18 months have left us with and it has the drive and progressive attitude needed to rebuild a better country as we recover.

“This programme addresses our current reality, but it also looks forward with confidence, and by offering people an informed choice on Scotland’s future, we truly can begin to build the country we wish to live in for ourselves.

“For me, the commitment to drastically increasing our frontline health spend is a testament to the Scottish Government’s promise to remobilise our health service so I am so a whopping £2.5 billion package will be particularly welcome news.

“Today we have seen that we have an SNP Government who keep their promises, has the ambition needed to help build a better Scotland but, most crucially, takes the action needed to make that ambition a reality.”