Paisley’s MSP on Town Hall Investment

George outside Paisley Town HallPaisley’s MSP has welcomed the £1.6 million investment in Paisley’s Town Hall, to revamp the iconic landmark and make it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Speaking on the announcement, George said:

‘This is a good start to the investment that is required for the town hall. Obviuosly, there is a lot more to do, as outlined in Renfrewshire Council’s pre-consultation on the Town Hall a few years ago, where it was put forward that £7million would be needed to total re-vamp this icon buliding.

‘However, this investment will give the building an upgrade and increase public access, ensuring that the venue is in tip-top condition for the Mod coming to the town next year.

‘Not only that, jobs will be created, apprenticeships will be continued along with training for those involved in the project.

‘This is in line with the Government’s priority of employment and jobs’.

The town hall was built in 1882 by members of the Clark family, one of the families important in the thread and weaving history of Paisley.