Paisley’s MSP Meets with Transport Minister with Positive Outcome for Gilmour Street

George and Transport MInister, Keith Brown MSPGeorge Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, this morning had a very productive meeting with the Minister for Transport, Keith Brown MSP. The meeting centred on Paisley Gilmour Street and what can be done to improve services to and from Scotland’s fourth busiest station, busier that Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh Haymarket.

Speaking after the meeting, George said, “I had a very positive meeting with the Transport Minister this morning, where he agreed to carry out an assessment to evaluate demand for the services at Paisley Gilmour Street. This assessment, I believe, will highlight the great demand for services to and from Gilmour Street, which should translate into improved services from our town’s main train station.

‘I was also delighted that Mr Brown was able to meet with me so we could discuss Paisley Gilmour Street in a clear and frank manner, getting many points across to him face to face, instead of resorting to making demands in the media and forcing the government into a response, which may not have been as positive.

‘In light of this commitment from Mr Brown, I believe real progress has been made to ensuring Paisley Gilmour Street operates to full capacity and offers a good service to everyone who uses the station. I will continue to keep in regular contact with the Minister for Transport and keep asking the questions of the government to ensure Paisley Gilmour Street offers the best service possible. It is my job to represent Paisley and promote our town whenever I can. For me this type of positive dialogue ensures that everyone understands our position in Paisley. I believe it is better to engage with the Minister for Transport and operators of the rail service.