Paisley Denied Access to £96 million

George AdamAccording to statistics released by Westminster, Scotland would have been better off by £1,600 for every man woman and child over the past five years.  The 2012-13 Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) report, which estimates levels of tax and spending in Scotland, demonstrates that, including a geographical share of North Sea oil and gas, tax revenues in Scotland were £800 higher per head compared to the UK in 2012-13.

Throughout the recession Scotland’s finances have been stronger than the rest of the UK.  Income from tax was £800 higher per head of population than the rest of the UK providing a double bonus, more income and less deficit than the rest of the UK.  This would have been a huge financial bonus for everyone.

Speaking on the figures Paisley’s MSP said:

‘In Paisley this £1,600 would represent well over £96 million extra.  Imagine what we could do with the town if we had access to our own money.

‘Here we have more figures from Westminster showing that the finances in Scotland are far better than the rest of the UK.  This has been the case for the past thirty years but Scotland does not get the benefit.

‘If anyone wanted to know why the Tories and Labour want to keep hold of us here is the proof in black and white.  It is to subsidise the rest of the UK.

‘With a healthy bank balance like this we could do so much more if we didn’t send this money down to Westminster.  Remove the nuclear weapons too and we could save another £14 million every month to invest in jobs and our health service.

‘It is time we stand up and take charge of our finances and distribute them to the people who have created this wealth, the people in Scotland themselves.’



The GERS statistical news release can be read here –

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