Paisley Bus Station? On the 850 Year Old Graveyard or the Statue of Queen Victoria?

George with Gary Kerr, Transport Minister Keith Brown MSP and Cllr Brian LawsonProposals for a bus station for Scotland’s largest town have been ridiculed as complete fantasy. Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), the agency responsible for the transport framework for the west of Scotland have produced a report to improve bus facilities in Paisley. Nine sites were looked at including the historic graveyard of Paisley Abbey celebrating its 850th Anniversary this year and Dunn Square a small area of gardens on a steep hill hosting a statue of Queen Victoria.


Speaking on the report, Paisley’s MSP, George Adam said:


‘Some of the proposed sites are ludicrous, they don’t deserve any scrutiny or money to be wasted on them.


‘The idea that one of the most historic and scenic sites in the centre of the town – Paisley Abbey – is to be used as a bus station is nothing short of a joke.


‘Then there is the proposal to rip up the gardens on Dunn Square, sited on a steep hill, demolishing a statue of Queen Victoria to hold the buses.


‘Mean while there is the huge unused site behind the Arnotts store in Paisley, flat, next to shops and right next to Gilmour street station to create an integrated transport system for Paisley. This obviously seems to simple for SPT.


‘This report basically states that Paisley will not be getting a bus station. Just a revamp of bus stops.


‘Renfrewshire pays £3 million every year to SPT to ensure a robust transport network.


‘Paisley gets a one off £1.8 million revamp of bus stops. This is not value for money in anyone’s eyes. Where is the vision? Where is the determination to ensure the economic development of the town? New bus stops don’t cut it.’