Local MSP George Adam and Provost Celia Lawson visit W.J & W Lang

George Adam MSP for Paisley and Celia Lawson Provost of Renfrewshire and Councillor for Paisley East and Ralston, are photographed paying a visit to local company W.J& W Lang, part of the Scottish Leather Group.

The company, which has been in Paisley since 1872 and is in its 140th year, is the oldest manufacturing company in Paisley producing on its original site. The company employs 60 people and has increased turnover substantially in the last few years.

Hugh Gilmour managing director said, “We are delighted that George’s first appointment of 2012 was to visit our factory in the heart of Paisley and were also delighted that Celia was able to take time out of her busy schedule to see the operation and discuss our plans for the future.

“As a major employer we are committed to Paisley, many of our workforce are second and in some cases third generation of the same family to work here. With our emphasis on training, innovation and investment we are thriving where many of the traditional local industries have disappeared. We recently invested £500,000 in new equipment and are further investing in continuous improvements to our environmental performance.”

The company supplies tanned hides to Group companies Bridge of Weir Leather Company and Andrew Muirhead & Son which are then processed and finished for onward supply to the automotive, aviation and contract furnishing industries. The finishing companies supply most of the world’s major airlines and car manufacturers such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Volvo, Aston Martin and Ford.

George, said, “I was delighted to be invited along to see the great work being carried out right in the centre of our town. I was warmly greeted and shown round by Hugh and learned a great deal about a factory which I stay so close to, but without ever really knowing what happened within the walls. Having a business in Paisley which produces leather for companies all around the world is excellent. Over recent years, the factory has developed and invested to modernise itself, while looking to improve its green performance. I would like to thank everyone at the factory for taking the time to show me around and wish them continuing success for the future.

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Paisley Special!


MSP George Adam is urging all Paisley Buddies to watch a very special episode of ‘Who do you think you are?’ to be broadcast in October. The show will feature Bee Gees member Robin Gibb who visits Paisley to uncover parts of his ancestry.

Bosses at the BBC have so far been tight lipped and have also ensured a wall of silence from staff at the Museum and Library where Gibb is thought to have visited during the filming of the episode.

Commenting on the programme, George said:

“It’s not yet clear exactly what Robin Gibb will uncover when ‘Who do you think you are?’ airs in October, but I would urge Buddies with an interest in ancestry and of course the music of the Bee Gees to tune in. I would also encourage anyone who wants to explore their roots in more depth to do so and to take advantage of the excellent service provided by the Local Studies Library located within Paisley Central Library.

“We are very fortunate to have a number of people who are involved in the arts who come from Paisley. We already know about Paulo Nutini, David Tennant and Gerry Rafferty, but interestingly, we may also be able to lay claim to a number of musical and theatrical greats through their ancestor.”

‘Who do you think you are?’ broadcasts on Wednesday 5th October at 9pm on BBC1 Scotland.

More information about the programme and tracing family trees can be found by clicking this link

More information about tracing Paisley ancestry can be found by clicking this link

George Adam MSP will be pretty in pink for the Paisley 10k to support Breast Cancer Care Scotland

George jogging during the Paisley 10kMSP George Adam is once again taking part in the Paisley 10k, but this year, he will be donning a PINK vest to show his support for local charity Breast Cancer Care Scotland

Last year 1,700 people took to the streets of Paisley to take part in the 10k, that’s around half the number of people who are living with a breast cancer diagnosis in Renfrewshire today.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and every year more and more people are looking to Breast Cancer Care Scotland to help support them through their diagnosis.

Kim Fergusson from Paisley was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 at the age of 30. As a single mum Kim wanted to stay strong for her children but she also needed someone to talk to about her diagnosis and treatment.

Kim says of that time, “I had so many questions and I didn’t know where to turn, I signed up for Breast Cancer Care’s Younger Women Forum because I wanted to meet other women my age who were going through the same thing as me. The two day course was wonderful, I drew so much strength from hearing other peoples experience and being able to share how I was feeling.

11 years on and I am now a Breast Cancer Care Volunteer and I’m proud to be able to offer other women the kind of support that was so important to me throughout my treatment and beyond.”

MSP George Adam said:

“I will again be running the Paisley 10k, but this year I will be donning the pink of Breast Cancer Care. After meeting with the charity at the Scottish Parliament I was very impressed with the support services they provide for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My office will also be entering the race and it’s our hope that we can raise awareness of Breast Cancer Care’s services. We need all the help we can get in crossing that finishing line, so if you see me jog slowly past, and you won’t miss me wearing pink, then please give as much encouragement as you can!”

Sarah Herrett, Area Fundraising Manager for Scotland said, “We are delighted that George has joined Team Breast Cancer Care! His support will help us to increase awareness of the services we provide to people like Kim in his constituency. We are looking for more people to join our team, if you would like to join George at the Paisley 10k on 28th August please call 0141 353 8354 or email gillian.hamilton@breastcancercare.org.uk for your free support pack and running t-shirt”

For more information on Breast Cancer Care’s services in your area ple, click here


MSP George Remembers Councillor Jim Mitchell


George Adam, MSP for the Paisley constituency joined local history enthusiasts to commemorate the radical events of the 1820s in Scotland that culminated in an insurrection that sought the creation of an independent Scotland with power completely devolved to the Scottish people.

In his speech, George, a member of the society, paid tribute to of James Wilson, John Baird, Andrew Hardie and the other 20 men who were sentenced to penal transportation and remembered Councillor Jim Mitchell who was a member and regular attender of 1820 Society events.

After the wreath was laid at the monument, George said:

“Councillor Jim Mitchell embodied everything that was good about the 1820 radicals and shared their passion for an independent Scotland. Although Jim didn’t have any sons, he has Derek [Mackay] and me as ‘political sons’ and we will do our upmost to ensure a ‘Yes’ vote in the forthcoming independence referendum.

“Paisley has always been at the forefront of Scotland’s radical movement and I think it appropriate that the people of the town chose an SNP candidate as their first MSP. The famous banners of the 1820s movement were emblazoned with ‘Scotland Free or a Desert’ and our party believes that we stand at that same crossroad again today.”

George giving a speech to the 1820 SocietyGeorge continued:

“Of course, in looking to our future, it is also important that we look back at the great historical figures and events that helped to shape our nation, particularly the courage of ordinary working people such as Baird, Hardie, Wilson and the 20 deportees who gave their lives for the cause that they believed in. I have submitted a parliamentary motion remembering their selfless contribution.”

George’s motion is as follow:

1820 Society Paisley
That the Parliament congratulates another successful gathering at Woodside Cemetery in Paisley by the ‘1820 society’, a group dedicated to promoting the historical significance of the events that took place in the 1820s involving a radical insurrection that sought the creation of an independent Scotland with power completely devolved to the people of Scotland that subsequently increased the awareness of a Scottish national identity; acknowledges the brave efforts of James Wilson, John Baird, Andrew Hardie and the other 20 men who were sentenced to penal transportation; remembers Councillor Jim Mitchell, a former prominent member of the society who embodied the spirit and ethos of those radical thinkers and combined it into his modern politics, and applauds the speakers of the event who have assured that it will return in 2012.

Paisley – The Home of Scottish U21 Football

George at the new home of Scotland U21 and the Paisley SaintsGEORGE WELCOMES THE USE OF ST MIRREN PARK AS A NATIONAL STADIUM

George Adam MSP has given his support to the news that St. Mirren Park will become the first Scotland U21’s national football stadium.

The Scottish Football Association made the announcement along with St. Mirren Football Club and intend to use the ground for at least the next four games of Scotland’s UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualification campaign.

Commenting, George said:

“This is a fantastic announcement from the SFA and St. Mirren Football Club. Firstly it gives the team a familiar surrounding from which they can launch their Euro Championship campaign and secondly, it adds to the feel good factor involving sport in Paisley right now.

“When youngsters see Scotland’s U21 stars in their town as well as visits from Andy Murray, they can’t but help to get passionate about sport.

“I doubt it’s possible, but I’ll be doing my best to buy tickets for my usual seat in the stadium for all the under 21 games!”

Countdown to Commonwealth Games is on says MSP

George brushing up on his tennis skills at Brodie ParkPAISLEY PREPARES FOR THE GATEWAY TO THE GAMES

Paisley MSP George Adam is highlighting that this week marks three years till the Commonwealth Games come to Glasgow in 2014 and George believes that Paisley will have a significant role to play.

The town’s new MSP says that the three year milestone marks the perfect time for people young and old to participate in sport and sees Paisley as one of they key beneficiaries of the games coming to Scotland.

Commenting, George said:

“Unquestionably, participation in sport can be an incredible thing; it gives people of any age the focus and discipline to succeed as well as other skills that can be transferred to everyday life. We also know that youngsters who have the option to partake in sport are less like to involve themselves in troublesome activity.

“We have seen the positive impact that a one visit can have when Andy Murray paid a visit to our town and of course, there will be a lasting legacy with the redevelopment of Brodie Park tennis courts.”

George continued:

“With assistance from the Lawn Tennis Association, £160,000 has been invested in the new courts and I am confident that this will result in Paisley producing Scotland’s future tennis stars.

“I truly believe that Paisley has an important role to play in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The town will become ‘The Gateway to the games’ and through participation in sport, we can showcase to the country and beyond the continuing redevelopment of our town”.

The 2010 games were held in Delhi, India.

More information about the 2014 Commonwealth Games can be found here

MSP George Calls on Buddies to Use Outdoor Gyms


George Adam, MSP for Paisley is urging Buddies to take advantage of ‘outdoor gyms’ like the one at Brodie Park to assist in getting fit this summer.

The outdoor play park was established by Paisley South Vision, a working group set up to improve facilities at Brodie Park in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council and has seen Buddies young and old flock to it since its creation in 2009.

After an intense workout, George said:

“Outdoor gyms like this one are a fantastic way to assist anyone with an interest in fitness and general wellbeing. Most people will be content with jogging, but anyone who fancies spicing up their fitness session should definitely have a go.

“I’ll be taking part in the Paisley 10k this year and the gym will form an important part of my training.

“The gyms are often dubbed ‘Pensioner’s Play-parks’, but I often see people young and old using the facility. It is unsupervised, so do remember to take care, especially if you are new to fitness training.”

The equipment includes a body twister, a skier, a surfer and a sit-up bench.

George Becomes Convenor of Cross Party Group on Fair Trade

George with Council Leader Brian Lawson supporting the Fairtrade Zone CampaignMSP TAKES PAISLEY’S FAIRTRADE ACHIEVEMENTS TO PARLIAMENT

George Adam, Paisley’s MSP has been elected Convener of the Scottish Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Fair Trade and will take up the position immediately.

Fair Trade promotes and guarantees fair prices for third world producers and gives power back to both producers and consumers. George takes up the role having already been a member of Renfrewshire Fair Trade Steering Group, which helped Paisley retain ‘Fair Trade Town’ status and Renfrewshire as a ‘Fair Trade Zone’.

Commenting after his election, George said:

“It’s a great honour to take up the position of Convener of the Scottish Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Fair Trade. As a Councillor, I have been involved in some worthy fair trade initiatives with the Renfrewshire Fair Trade Steering Group and it was my colleagues on this group that suggested I become a member of the cross party group.

“We have some fantastic fair trade experiences in Renfrewshire and I would like to share those with my parliamentary colleagues. I’d also like to find out what’s happening in other parts of Scotland and see if we can use their examples here in Paisley.

“As Paisley’s MSP, I want to keep my constituents abreast of what’s going on through in Parliament and how decisions affect them, but I also want to promote Paisley and showcase the positive achievements that we have made in terms of Fair Trade.

“This will be an important year for the Fair Trade movement in Scotland. Over the coming year we are working towards Scotland becoming a Fair Trade nation. I believe that many of the experiences we had in Paisley can be used to help other areas across Scotland. This next year will be a challenge but it is one I am looking forward to.”

The Fair Trade Foundation announced in February 2009 that Renfrewshire had achieved Fair Trade Zone status, after a campaign led by Renfrewshire Council and involving local Fair Trade groups, schools, churches and businesses.

More information on Fair Trade in Paisley can be found here

George Asks for Free SPT Holiday Travel for Paisley’s Kids


George at the driving seatPaisley MSP George Adam is urging Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to extend free summer travel for children on the Glasgow Subway so that kids from Paisley can also enjoy complementary travel.

Mr Adam is concerned that families from Paisley wishing to attend tourist attractions in Glasgow this summer, including the new Transport Museum, will not have the same advantage as their counterparts from Glasgow.

George Adam MSP said:

“I welcome the SPT announcement that children will travel for free on the Glasgow Subway this summer.

“Unfortunately families in my constituency will still be deterred due to the remaining cost of a rail ticket into the city and I strongly urge SPT to extend a similar scheme to Paisley where children can take advantage of a free travel card. How often does Paisley and Renfrewshire need to be ignored by SPT? There needs to be some balance and Renfrewshire as one of the “partners” needs to get the same offers as Glasgow. It appears our children are now being ignored by SPT.

“I will be writing to SPT to urge them to extend this scheme to Paisley. Free travel for kids on the Subway is a fantastic idea, but it makes sense to assist families in surrounding towns and villages to get there.

The SPT offer runs from 25 June to 21 August for up to two children under the age of 16 with every full fare paying adult.

More information about the SPT initiative can be found here

George signs The Pledge for Prostate Cancer

George Adam MSP with Ann Ferguson (Head of Scotland Operations The Prostate Cancer Charity)George Adam, MSP for Paisley has expressed his backing for reduced inequalities and improved prostate cancer services in Scotland by signing The Pledge for Prostate Cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland has set out five pledges that MSPs can make to show their support for people affected by prostate cancer, and is delighted to have secured widespread cross party support for the initiative.

George said: “Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in Scotland. 2,700 men in Scotland are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year and 19,000 are currently living with the disease. Two men die of prostate cancer every day.

“Despite this there is still considerable scope to improve the treatment, support and choices available to men diagnosed with prostate cancer – as well as improving the public’s knowledge of some of the issues faced by those affected by it. That’s why I am delighted to sign The Pledge for Prostate Cancer and help The Prostate Cancer Charity fight for a world where lives are no longer limited by the disease.”

Ann Ferguson, Head of Scotland Operations at The Prostate Cancer Charity, said: “It is fantastic that George is showing his support for men and their families affected by prostate cancer. We hope many more politicians will follow suit and back the pledge to ensure prostate cancer remains firmly in the spotlight over the course of this parliament, and that the improvements we are calling for make the transition from proposal to reality.”

A recent survey of men diagnosed with prostate cancer that found that 85 per cent had experienced symptoms for more than a month before contacting a health professional, with almost half of this group (41 per cent) waiting for more than a year before seeking medical advice.*

Anyone concerned about prostate cancer can call The Prostate Cancer Charity’s free and confidential Helpline on 0800 074 8383. The Helpline is staffed by specialist nurses and is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and Wednesdays from 7pm – 9pm. Alternatively please visit www.prostate-cancer.org.uk


1. The Pledge for Prostate Cancer in Scotland states that:

2: Every eligible man should have the opportunity to make an informed choice about the PSA test (a first step in diagnosing problems with the prostate that may be cancer).
3: All men with prostate cancer should have access to a full range of ‘Gold Standard’ treatment options and support services.
4: Every man with prostate cancer should have a named specialist nurse and access to high quality, tailored information.
5: There should be more research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
6: Robust data should be collected and published on the use of treatments in prostate cancer and the outcomes achieved

The Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in Scotland. Older men, men with a family history of prostate cancer and men of black African and black Caribbean descent are more at risk.

2,700 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year in Scotland and 19,000 Scottish men are currently living with the disease.

Two men die of prostate cancer every day in Scotland.

The Prostate Cancer Charity Scotland is striving for a world where lives are no longer limited by prostate cancer. The Charity is fighting prostate cancer on every front – through research, support, information and campaigning.

The Prostate Cancer Charity in Scotland has a network of established support groups. The groups are free to attend and open to men living with prostate cancer, their partners, families, friends or carers. The groups meet regularly and offer the opportunity for informal chat and discussion, guest speakers and free literature. To get involved please call The Prostate Cancer Charity in Scotland on 0141 314 0050.