New Report – Bedroom Tax Impacting on Children’s Learning

New research showing that the Bedroom Tax is having a serious impact on children’s ability to learn shows that the measure should be abandoned completely, the SNP has said today– and reaffirms the importance of the Scottish Government’s full mitigation of the Tory tax.

The report from Manchester University published today finds that children are arriving at school less able to learn as a result of hunger and stress – with head teachers drawing attention to “the way that material hardship was affecting children’s ability to learn, both at school and in the home.”

The Scottish Government has now committed £90 million to fully mitigate the Bedroom Tax in Scotland – and will effectively abolish the measure completely when it has the powers to do so.George parliament

Commenting, Paisley’s MSP George Adam said, “Yet again we see another Tory welfare policy hitting those least able to cope. Interesting that when recent figures show that the treasury loses out on more money through tax avoidance than it does from benefit fraud, but where is the constant cry from the Tory benches that more needs to be done to stop tax cheats?

“We need to remember that people paying the bedroom tax in England and Wales often do not have an extra room through choice, but as a result of there not being a property with right number of rooms available. So people are being punished for something out with their control. Thankfully, in Scotland the Scottish Government has fully mitigated against the Bedroom Tax by providing £90m. If this mitigation had not occurred, over 71,500 households would have been hit with the iniquitous tax – and at least 11,000 children in Scotland would be facing the same problems as children south of the border.

““It’s time George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith recognised the impact of this hated levy on children in England and Wales and on public finances in Scotland. The simplest and fairest solution remains for the measure to be dropped immediately by the DWP.”