National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Week

Stacey and her father during MS WeekGeorge recently secured his second members debate, on a subject very close to his heart, Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As many of you will know, George’s wife Stacy suffers from MS, first being diagnosed when she was 16. Stacey has the secondary/ progressive form of the disease and often finds it difficult to undertake small everyday tasks, however on occasion, she can get up and dance with George on a night out. Scotland has the most cases of MS in the world per capita, and while great steps are being taken every day to understand this disease, much has still to be done. That is why debates like that which George secured in the parliament, during National MS week, helps to make people more aware of this disease. George would like to thank all the members who took part in the debate, everyone who supported National MS Week, and also his wife Stacey who made the trip through to Edinburgh for the debate, while this was a long and tiring day for Stacey, she too appreciated all the support people have offered her and everyone else who suffers from this disease.

You can view the dabate by clicking here.