Murphy Plans Reintroduction of Controversial ‘Blairite’ Policy


Labour leadership candidate Jim Murphy is facing criticism today – after proposing the reintroduction of a controversial teaching reform associated with the Blairite faction of his party.

The plan to reintroduce chartered teachers status – which it has been said “underlines his [Murphy’s] reputation as a Blairite…” would see the reintroduction of a policy which was widely criticised as creating a two tier teaching system and which was abolished by the SNP in government.

George Serious Paisley Town Hall

Commenting, SNP MSP George Adam said:

“Jim Murphy lacks credibility on these issues. He talks about access and attainment but people remember when Labour voted to introduce tuition fees and he has, of course, also refused to commit his party to continued free university education in Scotland.

“In contrast, just this week, the SNP Government announced further investment to help reduce barriers to learning experienced by pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds through the Access to Education fund.

“While attainment in Scottish schools is good, and improving, we must continue to do all we can within the powers and resources to narrow that attainment gap and drive up standards at all levels – but people in Scotland are clear that the type of Blairite policies favoured by Jim Murphy simply aren’t the answer.

“With Jim Murphy’s nakedly Blairite agenda now completely exposed, it is absolutely no wonder that the Labour leadership contest is turning dirty as the candidates line up to tear each other apart.

“In contrast, under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, SNP membership has soared past the 92,000 mark and the party is riding high in the opinion polls – as young people in particular turn away from a Labour party which simply doesn’t represent their interests.”


Jim Murphy’s announcement is reported in today’s Scotland on Sunday.

A poll showing SNP support of 48 per cent – compared to 14 per cent for Labour – amongst 18 to 24 year olds can be found by clicking here.