MSP Delighted by the Local Uptake of the Small Business Bonus

George Adam, Paisley’s Member of the Scottish Parliament, has spoken about the many local businesses continuing to benefit from the Small Business Bonus (SBB). George said, “The Scottish Government has recently published figures showing the number of small to medium sized enterprises which are in receipt of the Small Business Bonus. This a scheme set up by the SNP to help give relief to these types of businesses in this economically harsh time.

‘The Scottish Government has made a huge effort to help small – not just through this scheme but also through making it much easier for small and medium sized firms to bid for public contracts – and simply underlines how much more we could do to help business if we had full economic powers.

‘In Renfrewshire, 2,258 companies are receiving the SBB, which in total equates to £4,009,937 in relief. These figures have steadily increased since the scheme was introduced in 2008, when 1,797 Renfrewshire companies first took up this offer. This scheme has proved to be very attractive to local businesses and it will continue under this SNP Government.

‘These figures are truly great news and I would urge any owner of a small to medium size business, which is not already in receipt of the SBB, to apply for it.”
You can get more factual info on the SBBS here