MP Posted Missing

George outside the old Arnotts BuildingPaisley’s MSP George Adam has called on Douglas Alexander to explain himself for not voting, or even making himself available to vote at the third reading of the Pensions Bill at Westminster last night.  This meant the Tory plans to change Public Sector Pensions passed through Westminster, after threats to cut the Scottish Budget.

 Speaking on the news, George said:

 ‘Where is this promise to ‘fight’ and ‘stand up’ to the Tories at Westminster we are always promised by Labour?  Our ‘local Labour’ representative was again missing in action when Scotland’s public sector workers are having their pensions attacked, including the pensionable age.

 ‘It was claimed at the Scottish Parliament last week, where I have attended every vote, that Labour had ‘deep concerns’ about the changes.  Looks like they were so ‘deep’ they forgot their way to the chamber to actually oppose the measures.

 ‘These changes have nothing to do with deficit reduction, they are an ideological attack on the public sector by the Tories.  If this measure was under the remit of the Scottish Parliament you can be sure that I would have been there, representing my constituents, no excuses.

 ‘This is an example of the types of decisions that are made at Westminster and our representative doesn’t bother to vote against such measures.  This is simply not good enough.’


Voting at Westminster (Hansard);