Launch of Paisley’s Yes Campaign

Group photo of some of the people out supporting the Yes Campaign in PaisleyPaisley buddies were signing in the rain on Saturday, with the launch of the ‘Yes’ campaign for Scottish independence. Taking part in the event were representatives from different political parties, community activists and those with an interest in seeing Scotland making it’s own decisions.

Paisley’s MSP George Adam was present, helping to sign up people to the Yes Declaration.

Speaking on the event, George said:

‘The launch of Paisley’s Yes campaign was great, we had a crowd of people willing to help out and together we were able to collect hundreds of declarations from those that want Scotland to make its own choices. Quite remarkable considering the rain belting down on the streets of the town.

This launch is just the start and there are many more events being planned, with the positive vision of an independent Scotland, where nuclear weapons are removed from Scottish soil, illegal wars are not embarked on and Scotland’s resources benefit the people of Scotland, providing jobs, wealth and a nation that takes its place in the world on equal terms as other independent countries, the normal state of nations around the world.

For more information on the Yes Campaign go to or contact George directly.