Latest Homelessness Statistics Show Progress

Local Drop In Number Of Applications Part Of Improving Nationwide Picture


Paisley’s MSP has welcomed the latest national homelessness statistics, with figures showing an improved picture across Scotland. The statistics were released in the Scottish Government publication ‘Homelessness in Scotland: 2015/16’, and showed a 4% fall nationwide.


Encouraging progress was also made in ensuring people were able to make applications for homelessness before they slept rough, with the number of applications where sleeping rough had happened at least once in the three months prior to that application being made falling by 7% across Scotland. The number of people sleeping rough the night prior to their homelessness application also made a year on year fall.


The SNP in government is working hard with local authorities across Scotland to help tackle homelessness, with the progress being made against a backdrop of Westminster austerity. These latest figures are evidence of the Scottish Government’s success in these efforts.

George outside Paisley Museum

George commented:


“These latest figures show that progress is being made in the Scottish Government’s efforts to support some of the most vulnerable people in our society.


“While the fall is very much welcome, it’s important that these efforts continue. I’m glad that the Scottish Government is committed to this.


“Ensuring that people are able to access help before resorting to rough sleeping is of vital importance. It is good to see that progress is also being made in reducing rough sleeping.


“Given the impact of callous and damaging austerity policies on vulnerable people by the Tory Government at Westminster, the SNP Scottish Government’s ongoing efforts to support the vulnerable when they most need it are welcome and are helping to bring about a positive change in people’s lives.”