Labour MSP’s Challenged to Come Clean on Prescription Stance

George with Staff at one of Paisley's Busy ChemistsLabours West of Scotland MSP’s have been challenged to reveal whether they support moves by Johann Lamont’s Cuts Commission to re-impose prescription charges to an estimated 7900 people in Paisley who earn less than £16,000.

Until they were abolished last year by the SNP, 600,000 people across Scotland with an income of less than £16,000 were charged for their prescriptions when they became ill.

Last week Johann Lamont repeatedly attacked the principle of free prescriptions during the launch of her Cuts Commission, although others in her party have challenged her leadership by voicing doubts over her stance on the issue.

SNP MSP for Paisley, George Adam has written to West of Scotland Labour MSP’s, challenging them to publicly state whether they believe that 7900 people in Paisley should pay for their ill-health through prescription charges, despite earning £16,000 or less.

Commenting, George said:

“When the SNP Government abolished prescription charges, it was fantastic news for people in Paisley.

“Before free prescriptions were introduced, thousands of people in Paisley were paying an unfair tax on their ill-health, despite having an income of £16,000 or less.

“That was utterly unjust which is why the SNP stepped in to end these charges.

“Why Johann Lamont wants to re-introduce such an unfair policy for people on low incomes is beyond me, but I know that people in Paisley will expect their regional MSP’s to nail their colours to the mast and reveal whether they support re-imposing a tax on ill-health.

“Will they join Johann Lamont on this disgraceful attack on people with ill-health or stand up for some of the lowest paid people in Paisley?”