Job Cuts Always on the Cards After Privatisation

George at the Royal Mail Depot on Underwood RoadCommenting on the news Royal Mail plans to cut 1,600 jobs, Paisley’s MSP George Adam said:

“This is terrible news for the 1,600 staff affected, but sadly it is not surprising. As soon as you make a company’s sole priority all about making profits, they look to make saving no matter the human cost. The privatisation of the Royal Mail was a deeply flawed Westminster decision, opposed by the vast majority of Scottish MPs, MSPs and the public.

‘We need to remember this decision was taken without taking into consideration the particularly harmful consequences for Scotland, where so many of our rural communities and so much of our rural economy rely on the Royal Mail service.

‘It is clear that the only way for Scotland to have the postal service people want and deserve is with a Yes vote in September. With independence, the Scottish Government will bring Royal Mail back into public ownership where it belongs.”