#isupportsport Says George

At the recent SNP Party Conference the Scottish Sports Alliance’s #isupportsport campaign received a host of new supporters as Paisley’s MSP George Adam joined fellow SNP Party officials in getting their #isupportsport selfie.

While getting their selfie George also spoke with the Scottish Sports Alliance about #whysportmatters. #whysportmatters details the impact of sport and being active across all areas of society: health, mental health, older adults and social care, education, the workforce, the economy, communities and social cohesion. Participating in sport/being active have been described as “the best buy in public health” – it fundamentally supports people to live longer, healthier and happier lives and provides benefits to individuals, society and the whole population.# i support sport

George commented, “Sport is a big part of my life, both personally and professionally.  Personally, I am a passionate supporter of St Mirren and the Scottish National Football Team, as well as the Paisley Pirates ice hockey team.  You’ll hear me cheering on Andy whenever he is playing tennis and shouting at the TV when Scotland are playing rugby.  Professionally, I have seen just how important sport and an active lifestyle can be.  Not only is it good for your health, it’s a great way to make friends and have fun.  Getting children involved in sport from an early age and keeping them hooked can have such a positive impact on their life, while keeping active in your latter years can be vital in preventing health concerns.  Sport really does matter and that’s why #isupportsport.

Kim Atkinson, CEO of the Scottish Sports Association, said “Already nearly one-fifth of our population participate in sport through one of Scotland’s 13,000 sports clubs. While having fun, they already reap the many benefits of being active – benefits that we’d like more people to enjoy.

‘Currently 2,500 people in Scotland die every year from being physically inactive – yet participating in sport and being active can reduce the risks of premature mortality by up to 30%. We need to embrace the many benefits of participating in sport – from sheer enjoyment to positive contributions to health, mental health, education and economic productivity as highlighted by #whysportmatters.

‘Our members provide opportunities for people of all ages to get active and we would encourage everyone to find their sport(s) and to join us in saying #isupportsport.”