Improvement in RAH A&E Stats

SNP MSP for Paisley George Adam has today welcomed new A&E stats showing a further improvement at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) – and paid tribute to the hard-working hospital staff for their efforts.

George cart landscapeThe latest figures show that 88.2 per cent of patients were treated within four hours at RAH in the week ending 8th March – a further improvement on the previous week’s figure of 82.8 per cent and the second week in a row the hospital has shown a significant improvement.


Commenting, Mr Adam said:


“This further significant improvement in treatment time performance at RAH is very welcome and is testament to the efforts of the hard-working staff at the hospital – and I remain confident that in the coming weeks we will see even further improvements as the staff’s efforts continue to pay off.


“The Scottish Government is taking real action to improve Scotland’s health service – investing an additional £383m in frontline health spending in 2015/16, meaning Scottish health spending will now be above £12bn for the first time ever.


“While there is clearly more to be done, people in Paisley can rest assured that the SNP in government will continue to do everything we can to further protect our NHS and support the hospital’s hard-working staff to keep improving performance even further and deliver the top quality health care the people of Paisley deserve.”



A&E stats at RAH for the week ending 8/3/15 show 88.2 per cent of patients treated within four hours.  Figures for the previous week showed 82.8 per cent treated within that timeframe and the figures for the week before showed 75 per cent.