Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, joined the SNP in Holyrood yesterday to withhold consent for the UK Tory government’s controversial Internal Market Bill.

The bill has been widely criticised from groups such as the National Farmers Union of Scotland who warned the proposals “limit the devolved administrations”, the House of Commons Constitutional Affairs Committee who said the bill will “create new reservations in areas of devolved competence”, and the General Teaching Council for Scotland who warned it undermines devolved education functions.

Geroge Adam MSP

Yet, Boris Johnson’s Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack, was accused of promoting a “childish and dangerous” ideology earlier this week after claiming he likes the Power Grab bill “even more” because it is opposed to by the SNP.

Yesterday, Scotland’s trade union movement backed the country’s right to hold an independence referendum should Westminster impose the bill against Holyrood’s wishes.  

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said: 

“Experts, businesses, law makers and unions have made their views on the UK government’s illegal Internal Market bill crystal clear – now the Scottish Parliament has too.

“We’ve already heard that the bill breaks international law, but it breaks devolution too, launching the biggest attack in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

“Holyrood has spoken, with parties uniting against this blatant power grab.

“Boris Johnson can’t be trusted. If his Tory government, which Scotland didn’t vote for, force their Internal Market bill on Scotland, against our Parliament’s wishes, then he will prove beyond any doubt that the only way to protect our democracy is as an independent, European country.”

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, said:

“Time and time again the Tories have shown their true colours throughout the Brexit process – that they have no regard whatsoever for Scotland, our wishes, and what we voted for. Enough is enough.

“This illegal bill is the icing on top of a disappointing cake and the biggest attack we’ve faced as a devolved nation.

“Paisley did not vote for Brexit so we should not have to put up with this level of disregard and disrespect. This continued attitude towards Scotland is why more and more people are backing the SNP’s vision for a fair and just independent Scotland.

“Striking out on our own and making decisions in our own best interest is the only way to ensure continued Tory incompetence and austerity doesn’t drag us down a dark path we did not vote for.”