George Welcomes Unemployment Falling Below 7%

George outside Paisley AbbeyPaisley’s MSP George Adam has welcomed the latest official figures showing a rise in employment and a fall in unemployment in Scotland. Scotland’s unemployment rate has now reduced to 6.9% and remains lower than the UK rate of 7.2%. In addition to this, Scotland’s youth employment rate continues to be above the UK as a whole.

Commenting, George said, “These figures are more good news for the Scottish economy and are a welcome endorsement of the Scottish Government’s efforts to boost the economy and create jobs.

‘We again see Scotland outperforming the UK as a whole in both the employment and unemployment levels. This is in addition to our youth employment rate which continues to be above the UK as a whole. With just under 6 months till the vote on Scottish independence, these figure show that the Scottish Government is working hard for the people of Paisley to boost employment, cut unemployment and get young people working with the limited powers we currently have. Imagine what we could do with the full powers of independence.

‘Scotland’s Future set out the Scottish Government’s plans for a truly transformational universal childcare system, which would open the door for even more women to get back into the workplace. We have seen from the recent publication of Labour devolution commission, that unless we have a Yes vote on September 18th, we cannot guarantee that the Scottish Government will get the powers it needs to improve even further the job opportunities for the people of Paisley and Scotland.

‘With the limited powers of devolution, the Scottish Government has managed to mitigate the worst excesses of Westminster’s cuts. With independence, we will be able to take action to grow the economy, create more jobs and ensure that more women and young people have the opportunity to take them up.”